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Key Steps to Filling a Salaried (Professional) Position Vacancy - Appointment Packet

Your department’s Human Resources Officer (HRO) will assist and partner with you by expediting required background checks and pre-employment health and safety check list (DOC), preparing the Appointment Form (PDF) and working behind the scenes to facilitate required administrative approvals. Please contact your HRO to review the items that will be included in the Appointment Packet. Many of these items will be on file within Human Resources. Based on the information you provide, your HRO will complete the appointment form for your signature and assemble all of the documents listed below as part of a complete packet which will be forwarded to the appropriate director, dean or vice president for review and approval.

Items included in the Appointment Packet:

    • Appointment Form (PDF)
    • Copy of approved RTF, RTF-S
    • Candidate’s resume as well as copies of any certifications, licenses required for the position
    • Departmental recommendation (if required by applicable director, dean and/or vice president/provost)
      • Length of initial funding for soft money positions
      • Special provisions
        • Deadline by which a required degree or license must be obtained
        • Allowance for documented moving reimbursements, if any
      • Comparative Applicant Rating Sheet
      • Copy of approved Recruitment Strategy
      • Copy of job ad

A regular employee’s start date should be scheduled to begin no sooner than the receipt of approved appointment materials. Your HRO will advise you about how much time to allow for the approval process.

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