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Key Steps to Filling a Hourly (Classified) Position Vacancy - Job Advertisement

The qualifications and experience within the ad are based on the job related criteria within the job description. In addition, any required/preferred skills for the department’s specific needs will be included.

job description (PDF) should:

  • Have clearly defined and relevant aspects to the position
  • Be understandable and easy to apply in evaluating applicants
  • Directly relate to the department’s needs or services to be provided
  • Include aspects of a successful job performance

The advertised qualifications and experience will be used to screen and rate applicants for the position. Your HRO will work with you to determine the additional language for the job announcement.

Also consider what applicants should submit in addition to the standard application form. Examples of additional materials to submit could include: a cover letter, a resume, contact information for references, examples of past work products, and/or copy of a required license.

Hourly positions are assigned to a wage band as determined by the University of Maine System’s classification system.

Consider what your anticipated timeline to review candidates is in order to help you determine the deadline for considering applicants.

The draft Job Advertisement should accompany the RTF for approval, and you will be notified when the text of your job ad has been approved.

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