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Key Steps to Filling a Hourly (Classified) Position Vacancy - Interviews

Contact your Human Resources Officer (HRO) to review the Comparative Application/Interview Rating Sheet (Excel) to ensure that the pool of applicants tentatively identified for interview represents a consistent and fair application of the job related criteria. The HRO may also be available to assist with or help coordinate various steps in the interview process.  Please call us for more information or to discuss your needs.

    • Treat all candidates fairly and consistently at each particular interview stage
    • Interviews (phone, in person, second interviews)
    • Interview questions
    • Screening activities
      • Professional presentations
      • Work related scenario
    • Who outside the search committee should have an opportunity to meet with candidates?
    • Reference checks
      • Reference checks may be postponed to be conducted on the finalist or a group of finalists.
      • If references identified by the candidate are not available or unable to provide an adequate reference about the candidate’s prior job performance, you may contact the candidate for an additional reference(s).
      • Please respect a candidate’s wishes about which references should be checked.
      • You may contact other people, other than those listed by the candidate.  However, you are encouraged to contact the candidate before doing so.
    • Search Committee Evaluations
      • Gather input from staff who met in an official capacity with each candidate.
      • Each member of the search committee completes an individual rating ideally following each interview.
      • At the conclusion of the interview process, the Search committee chair should meet with the committee to review all information gathered and, supported by that information, to consider which applicant(s) may be recommended as a finalist.
    • Comparative Application/Interview Rating Sheet (Excel)
      • This document will reflect the average or consensus opinion of the committee based on the previously identified rating criteria.
      • You may ask your HRO to participate in the development of this document or forward the document to your HRO for review.
      • Each step of the review process may be presented separately, ie application review, phone interviews, in person interviews, etc.

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