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Choosing a Finalist - University of Maine Sample Telephone Reference Check Form

Applicant Name: _____________________ Position_______________________

Name of Reference: _____________________ Title/Organization:____________________

Select the questions most relevant to the vacancy:

  1. In what capacity did you work with the applicant?
  2. How long did you work with him or her?
  3. The applicant has stated that he or she has worked for your organization for (time frame) as a (title/role). Is this accurate?
  4. How would you describe the quality of his/her work?
  5. What are his or her strongest skills as an employee?
  6. Weakest skills or skills needing further development?
  7. How well did he or she take direction?
  8. How effective was he or she in planning and organizing work assignments?
  9. How well did he or she get along with others? Students, the public?
  10. How well did he or she communicate with others? Orally, in writing?
  11. Do you feel that he or she works better or is more comfortable in a team environment or working as an individual?
  12. If he or she had supervisory responsibilities, how would you describe his or her supervisory effectiveness?
  13. How did he or she respond to pressure (e.g. high volume, deadlines, multiple tasks, public contact, other)?
  14. How did he or she respond to criticism or interpersonal conflict?
  15. How well did he or she stay on task or complete assignments?
  16. How much supervision was required for him or her?
  17. Would you have any concerns about him or her being successful for us in the role he or she has applied for?
  18. Why did he or she leave the organization?
  19. Would you rehire him or her? If no, why not?


Reference checked by__________________________ Date:________________
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