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Key Steps to Filling a Faculty Position - Recruiting

The goal of the University of Maine’s recruitment efforts is to attract a diverse and well qualified applicant pool in accordance with the University’s Affirmative Action plan, federal and state laws, and University policy.

Equal opportunity is provided to each candidate race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. Candidates are treated fairly and consistently so that the final selection is based on criteria directly to the qualifications specified in the job announcement.

The University’s Affirmative Action Plan establishes hiring goals for minorities and for women where they are currently underutilized on campus, based upon an analysis of appropriate national availability information. Affirmative Action does not mean preferential hiring; it does mean targeted recruiting efforts designed to ensure diversity in the applicant pool.

Please contact Equal Opportunity for more information about affirmative action. See also the Affirmative Action Recruitment Resources List available online at and in FirstClass: Campus Connection -> University Organizations -> Equal Opportunity -> Search Materials. Complete the Faculty Position Replacement Form for E & G Funded Faculty Replacement Positions. The form is required by and is available from the Provost’s Office.

Topics for discussion with your FHRO:

Do you already have ideas about recruiting for the position? Conferences, personal contacts?

How much time should be allowed to complete the search?

Where/how will the position be advertised?

How can you learn about recruiting in this job market?

Who will be on the search committee?

Recruitment Resources

HR can assist you in drafting the Recruitment Strategy Form which will be considered for approval by the Associate Director or Director of Equal Opportunity before the position is considered for final approval by the Provost.

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