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Key Steps to Filling a Faculty Position - Job Description and Job Advertisement

The assigned Faculty Human Resources Officer will assist and collaborate with you in developing or updating the job description (recommended but not required for faculty positions) and job advertisement. Job descriptions can be helpful in identifying and describing in general terms the nature of the responsibilities, qualifications, and determining what background checks and/or pre-employment screenings will be required. HR encourages the electronic submission of documents.

Which minimum qualifications are required? Preferred?

Do you anticipate difficulties recruiting a qualified applicant?

What is your anticipated timeline for beginning the application review? (Consider the deadlines of the recruiting venues proposed in the Recruitment Strategy Form)

University of Maine General Job Description Guidelines

The draft Job Advertisement should accompany the request to fill (RTF) for approval.

You will be notified when the text of your Job Ad has been approved.

Tips for writing a Job Advertisement

The Salary range for a faculty position should fit within the existing departmental salary hierarchy but also take into account market conditions at the time of recruitment. National survey data from similar land grant institutions is available from the Office of Human Resources.

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