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Manager Toolkit - Filling Vacant Positions

The recruiting, screening, and hiring process at the University of Maine is supported and guided by the staff of Human Resources.  This staff provides knowledgeable expertise and one-stop collaborative assistance for a comprehensive set of human resources related activities.  For support and guidance in making decisions about efficient and effective staffing configurations, position classification, recruitment, screening, selection, or hiring, please call the Human Resources Partner (HRP) assigned to your department.  Our goal is to assist you in facilitating the search and hiring process.  Links within the following will direct you to additional information and resources from securing approval to fill to finalizing an offer of employment.  Please call 581-1581 for more information.

The University of Maine seeks to hire the best qualified individual for each position vacancy.  Through the University’s recruiting efforts, we seek to attract a strong and diverse pool of candidates.  Equal opportunity is provided to each candidate regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.  Candidates are screened in a fair and consistent manner based on job related criteria.  National searches are conducted for faculty and most administrative positions.  Positions with an expected duration of less than five months do not require a search.  The scope of the recruitment and/or search is proposed using the Recruitment Strategy form which is reviewed and approved by Equal Opportunity.  In limited and extenuating circumstances, a waiver of the normal search process may be considered.

Dual Career Spouse/Partner Employment Process

Faculty Partner Accommodation Program

Key Steps to Filling a Regular Position Vacancy


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