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Alphabetical List - PATFA / Overload Teaching Agreement


  1. Hire a part-time, temporary faculty member, or
  2. Assign an overload teaching assignment to an existing regular University employee.

Basic Guidelines

  • Completed paperwork needs approval through the Provost and/or VP level, and should be delivered to OHR at least a week prior to the hire date.
  • A Request to Fill is not required.
  • The initial hire of a part-time, temporary faculty member should include the person’s resume or vita and they must have completed and placed on file an Availability Form prior to accepting a part-time faculty teaching assignment. See Article 10 of the PATF agreement (PDF) for procedures relative to the Availability Form (PDF).
  • Overload schedules for PATFA, AFUM, and other employees are available

Completing the Form

Bargaining Unit
The employee’s regular bargaining unit


  1. Lecturer: use only for non PATFA unit faculty
  2. Lecturer I (0-10 semesters previous college teaching or equivalent experience), Lecturer II (11-19 semesters previous college teaching or equivalent experience), and Lecturer III (20 semesters or over) are ranks used exclusively for PATFA (or temporary faculty teaching during the summer.)

Faculty Member Signature
Certifies the acceptance of terms and conditions of the temporary assignment and that the temporary employee has received the Part Time Faculty Association Employment Information Summary.

Earnings Code

650 Part Time Faculty Regular Base Earnings 657 Part Time Faculty Course Preparation Fee
651 Part Time Faculty Temporary Teaching 658 Part Time Regular Faculty Overload Teaching
652 Part Time Faculty Summer Teaching 659 Part Time Teaching Cancellation Fee
653 Part Time Faculty May Term Teaching 660 Regular Faculty (AFUM/Non Rep) Overload Teaching
655 Part Time Teaching – Music Lessons 661 Regular Faculty (AFUM/Non Rep) Teaching Lab
656 Part Time Teaching Independent Study 670 Part Time Teaching Other Regular Employees

Form Routing and Approvals

  1. Chair and/or Director of unit offering the assignment,
  2. Dean,
  3. Graduate Dean (for 500-600 level courses) or for Graduate Assistants receiving a teaching overload,
  4. Vice President and/or Provost, and
  5. Human Resources

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