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Office of Human Resources

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Forms - Alphabetical List


Additional MBI Card Request, EBPA (PDF)
Additional Pay (PDF) Instructions
Advantage Account Reimbursement, CBA (PDF)
Agreement for Participation PPRP (PDF)
Appeal/Response, RSCR (PDF)
Application for Partial/Phased Retirement Program (PDF) Policy (PDF)
Appointment Form, Summer Camp Tmporary Employee (PDF)
Appointment Form, Temporary Salaried (PDF) Instructions
Authorization for the Use and/or Disclosure of Protected Health Information (PDF)
Availability form, Part Time Teaching (PDF)
Background Screening Form (PDF)
Biometrics Screenings – Physician (PDF)
Claim Form, Advantage Account (PDF)
Claim Form, Cigna Dental (PDF)
Claim Form, CIGNA Health (PDF)
Claim Form, Cigna Vision (PDF)
Classified Temporary Employees, Exit Evaluation (PDF)
Course Cancellation, PATFA (PDF)
Courses Taught, Summary (PDF)   (Word)
Data Sheet, Individual (PDF)
Delegation of Authority (PDF)
Dental Claim Form (PDF)
Desk Audit (PDF)
Direct Deposit, Authorization Agreement (PDF)
Disclosure of Protected Health Information, Authorization for the use of (PDF)
Documentation of Oral Warning (PDF)
Dual Rate (PDF)
Earnings Distribution (PDF) Instructions
Emeritus Status, Recommendation (PDF)
Employee Tuition Waiver (PDF)
Employee’s Dependent Tuition Waiver (PDF)
Exit Evaluation for Classified temporary Employees (PDF)
Family and Medical Leave (PDF) Policy
First Quartile, Hire above (PDF)
Gold Card (PDF) Policy
Graduate Appointment Form (PDF)
Hourly Paid Search Summary
Incentive Retirement (PDF) Policy (PDF)
Incident/Employee Injury Report Form
Independent Contractor Employee Status Determination Form (PDF) Guidelines
Individual Data Sheet (PDF)
Job Description Template (Word)
Maine State W-4 ME (PDF)
Mutual Agreement for Reduction of Hours (PDF)
 Non Salaried Appointment (PDF)  Used for persons of interest.
Outside Employment Reporting Form (PDF)
Part-Time Teaching Availability Form (PDF)
Part-Time Temporary Faculty & Overload Teaching Agreement (PDF) Instructions
Partial/Phased Retirement Program, Application for (PPRP) Agreement (PDF) Policy (PDF)
PATFA Course Cancellation Form (PDF)
Pay Change (PDF) Instructions
PDQ (Word)
Performance Improvement Plan (PDF)
Personal Leave of Absence Without Pay (PDF)
Personnel Data Update (PDF) Instructions
POI (PDF) Used for non salaried appointments
Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) (Word)
Post Doctoral Research Associate Appointment Form (PDF)
Pre-Employment Health & Safety Checklist (Word) Instructions (PDF)
Progress Report (PDF)
Recommendation for Emeritus Status (PDF)
Recruitment Strategy – Faculty
Recruitment Strategy – Professional
Reduction of Hours, Mutual (PDF)
Reporting Form, Outside Employment (PDF)
Request for Alternatives to Teaching Duties Following the Birth or Adoption of a Child (PDF)
Request for Authorization for Additional Teaching Assignments (PDF)
Request for Position Review (Classified) (PDF)
Request for Retirement Contribution/Deduction for Summer Salary (PDF)
Request for Sabbatical/Unpaid Leave for Professional Improvement/Educational Purposes (PDF)
Request for Salaried Classification Review See Salaried Classification Review (RSCR), Request for (PDF)
Request to Hire above the First Quartile (PDF)
Retirement, Incentive (PDF)
RSCR Appeal/Response Form (PDF)
Sabbatical/Unpaid Leave (PDF)
Salaried Classification Review Appeal/Response (PDF)
Salaried Classification Review (RSCR), Request for (PDF)
Salary Reduction Agreement for Faculty and Professionals (PDF)
Salary Reduction Agreement for Hourly Paid Employees (PDF)
Search Waiver Request – Call HRP
Security Authorization (PDF)
Separation (PDF) Instructions
Special (Exception) Check Request (PDF) Policy (PDF)
Summary of Courses Taught and Student Evaluations (PDF)
Summer Salary, Request for Retirement Contribution/Deduction (PDF)
Supervisor Development Institute Application Form (PDF)
Teaching Assignments, Additional Request (PDF)
TEAF Information Notice (PDF)
Temporary Hourly Request Form (PDF)
Temporary Salaried Appointment Form (PDF) Instructions
Tuition Waiver – Employee (PDF)
Tuition Waiver – Employee’s Dependent (PDF)
Vision claim Form (PDF)
Volunteer Form
Voluntary Reduced Schedule (PDF)
Volunteer Positions Background Checks – Driving (PDF)
W-4, Federal (PDF)
W-4 ME, Maine State (PDF)
Worker’s Compensation Incident Report (PDF)
Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (PDF)

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