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Alphabetical List - Faculty Appointment


  1. Hire a new regular (overall appointment duration of 7 months or more) full- or part-time faculty member,
  2. Renew a faculty member’s Fixed Length Term (FLT) assignment, or
  3. Create a non-salaried (adjunct) or cooperating appointment.

Complete lines 1-4 and 9.
For cooperating appointments, indicate the department in line 10.
(Please include the individual’s CV and the department head’s recommendation describing the proposed affiliation.)
For information about helping a non salaried faculty member receive library privileges see Guest Faculty Accounts Policy

Guest Faculty Accounts (policy):

  • Card issue: MaineCard Office, 581-2273.
  • Eligibility: Any person who is has been appointed to work with a UMaine department, is neither a UMaine employee nor student, and needs use of the library and its licensed online resources to fulfill the requirements of that appointment. Typically researchers and scholars are assigned these cards.
  • Department Chair or Chair’s Administrative Assistant must accept responsibility for the guest faculty member’s library transactions. This must be done in writing on either UMaine stationery or in an email memo. In addition to the department accepting responsibility for the guest faculty member’s library transactions, the letter or memo must include the expiration date of guest faculty member’s appointment, the department’s mailing address, and the guest faculty member’s email address.
  • Guest Faculty records are not effected by database updates.

Use the Part-Time Temporary Faculty & Overload Teaching Agreement to hire temporary faculty (one semester appointment).

Basic Guidelines

  1. The appointment materials, title, nature of appointment, salary, work year, and other applicable terms and conditions should be consistent with the posted job vacancy.
  2. Faculty appointments must be approved by the Chancellor and/or BOT, before the effective date of the hire, IF
  • The appointment salary is $90,000 or above (Chancellor approval),
  • The appointment is recommended with immediate tenure (Board of Trustee approval).
  1. The maximum initial duration of a faculty member’s appointment (Planned Exit Date for appointments effective midway through a work year should be August 31 for an academic year appointment or June 30 for fiscal year):
    1. Instructor/Lecturer — 2 years
    2. Assistant Professor — 1 year
    3. Associate Professor from outside UMaine — 2 years
    4. Professor — Two year probationary appointment or immediate tenure
    5. Soft money faculty — Duration of initial funding.
  2. Completed paperwork, approved through the Provost level (for non-tenure track) or the President’s level (for tenure-track), should be delivered to OHR at least two weeks prior to the hire date. Please add extra time for an appointment that will require approval beyond the campus. Please call Dianne King, Employment Letter Coordinator, at 581-1640 for more information.
  3. An employee’s pay will continue unless a subsequent action such as a leave or separation action is received by Payroll regardless of the nature of the appointment (tenure track or fixed length).
  4. Departments are expected to monitor and extend Accounting ID end dates using the Earnings Distribution Form.

Materials to Accompany Appointment

  1. Faculty member’s CV
  2. Comparative Applicant Rating Sheet
  3. Professional Recruitment Form
  4. Departmental recommendation supporting the appointment
  5. Copy of the tentative employment offer
  6. For immediate tenure, a statement of support from the departmental peer committee

The Employee Will Need to Complete the Following Documents:

  1. Individual Data Sheet (PDF) (IDS)
  2. Completed I-9 (PDF)
  3. W-4 (PDF)/W-4 ME (PDF)
  4. EEO Form
  5. Benefits Forms – Contact the Benefits Office (581-2366) for forms and to schedule a new employee orientation.
  6.  Direct Deposit (PDF) (required for all faculty unit hires)

Completing the Form

The following describes fields that may not be self-explanatory. The fields included in the Faculty Appointment Form directly relate to the information required by Payroll to create the employee’s record in MaineStreet. Based on the specific nature of the appointment, some areas may be marked as N/A (not applicable).

Line 1

MaineStreet ID #
This number is assigned by payroll staff after the Faculty Appointment Form, completed IDS, I-9, and W-4 forms are received in Human Resources.

Line 2

Job Code
The appropriate four digit job code for the rank / work year / research combination. List of Codes:
Academic Year Full Time (AFUM/Non-Rep) Titles

6000 Instructor 6010 Lecturer 6050 Assistant Professor 6060 Associate Professor 6070 Professor
6080 Assistant Research Professor 6090 Associate Research Professor 6100 Research Professor
Fiscal Year Full Time (AFUM/Non-Rep) Titles
6200 Instructor 6210 Lecturer 6250 Assistant Professor 6260 Associate Professor 6270 Professor
6280 Assistant Research Professor 6290 Associate Research Professor 6300 Research Professor
Part Time (PATFA) Titles
6600 Instructor 6620 Lecturer I 6630 Lecturer II 6640 Lecturer III
6650 Assistant Professor 6660 Associate Professor 6670 Professor

Line 4

Planned Exit Date
The date the initial appointment ends. The end of the pay cycle should be used for non fiscal year employees, ex. Aug. 31 for an academic year appointment. Departments must process the appropriate paperwork for a leave of absence or to end employment to avoid the employee being overpaid.

Line 6

Employee Supervision Level
The level of the employee’s supervisory responsibility:

A = Associate Dean R = Coordinator
B = Associate Director S = Associate Dean
C = Chairperson T = Assistant Dean
D = Director V = Vice President
H = Department Head Z = Supervisor

Line 9

Monthly Rate
BOT policy requires that non fiscal year employees be paid in 12 installments. Academic year faculty who are hired after the beginning of the academic year will have their pay spread over the pay cycle ending in August. The monthly rate of pay beginning the following September will equal 1/12 of the employee’s base pay. Minimum rates of pay for AFUM unit faculty are specified in the collective bargaining agreement (PDF)

Line 10

Tenure Home Department
This is the academic home for faculty with a tenured or tenure eligible appointment and is required for those whose appointment is wholly or partially within a research unit.
Joint Dept
The second department that provides an ongoing portion of the employee’s pay as shown in the Earnings Distribution table. This will coincide with two position numbers in Position Management and will create a second job row in MaineStreet.
Discipline Code
The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes are available at

Earnings Distribution

The breakdown between Accounting IDs may be expressed to 3 decimal places. The distribution for any time period must equal 100%.

Comments Section

Include other applicable relevant information about the appointment including such things as:

  1. Stipend amount and duration of stipend appointment,
  2. Membership in a research unit (different than a Joint Appointment),
  3. Specific terms and conditions of potential future reappointments.

Form Routing and Approvals

  1. If a joint appointment, department head of second unit
  2. Research director (if a Joint Appointment/member of a Research Unit)
  3. Academic dean
  4. Jennifer Baker, Financial Manager, Sponsored Programs, if the action includes a Fund 23 chartfield combo (MEIF)
  5. VP for Research (if a Joint Appointment/member of a Research Unit)
  6. VP Academic Affairs and Provost
  7. Human Resources will then prepare the appointment materials for review/approval, at the VP and Provost and/or President level as well as any necessary transmittal documents if further approval at the Chancellor/BOT level is required.

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