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Alphabetical List - Temporary Salaried Appointment

Hire a temporary salaried (monthly paid) employee.
Basic Guidelines

  1. Completed paperwork needs approval through the Provost and/or VP level, and should be delivered to OHR at least a week prior to the hire date. Temporary appointments should not exceed 6 months and 29 days.
  2. If not typed, use black or blue ink on white paper only.

Other materials required to create an employee record and produce a paycheck:
(By law this is required within 3 business days of their first day worked)

  1. Individual Data Sheet (IDS) (PDF)
  2. Completed I-9
  3. W-4 (PDF)/W-4 ME (PDF)
  4. Direct Deposit (PDF)

Completing the Form

Start Date
Date when employee is to begin assignment.
End Date
Date when assignment is expected to end.
Position #
Department’s temporary employee position number.

Line 2

Hours worked per week
The number of hours per week the employee is expected to work.
Supervisor Name
Employee’s assigned supervisor and the supervisor MaineStreet ID number.
Total Salary
Total salary for the duration of temporary employment

Line 4
Please provide amounts of monthly installments. The total amount should equal the total salary shown in Line 2.

Line 5
Please list or attach the essential duties of position.

Line 6
Describe any special work assignments, conditions or physical requirements.

Earnings Distribution

Accounting ID
10 digit account number
This should correspond to the Accounting ID
The breakdown between Accounting ID’s may be expressed to 3 decimal places.

Temporary Employee Signature
Certifies the acceptance of terms and conditions of temporary assignment and that the temporary employee has received the supplemental notice (page 2 of the form).

Form Routing and Approvals
From the initiating/hiring department the appointment form should be routed to the appropriate administrators as described below. (Soft money does not require Provost approval.)

  1. Chair and/or Director
  2. Dean
  3. Jennifer Baker, Financial Manager, Sponsored Programs, if the action includes a Fund 23 chartfield combo (MEIF)
  4. Vice President and/or Provost
  5. Human Resources

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