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 Name Policy/Instructions
Additional Pay- Salaried (PDF)
Additional Pay-Hourly (PDF)
Additional Pay Stipend Guidelines
Availability Form, Part Time Teaching (PDF)
Course Cancellation, PATFA (PDF)
Delegation of Authority (PDF)
Dual Rate (PDF)
Earnings Distribution (PDF)
Emeritus Status Recommendation (PDF)
Family and Medical Leave (PDF)
Gold Card(PDF)
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification  (PDF)
Independent Contractor Employee Status Determination Form (PDF)  Guidelines
Individual Data Sheet (PDF)
Schedule Reduction Opportunities
Outside Employment Reporting (PDF)
Part-Time Teaching Availability Form (PDF)
Part-Time Temporary Faculty & Overload Teaching Agreement (PDF)
Partial Phased Retirement (PDF)
PATFA Course Cancellation (PDF)
Pay Change (PDF)
PDQ (Word)
Personal Leave of Absence Without Pay (PDF)
Personal Data Update (PDF)
Persons of Interest (POI)
Position Review (Desk Audit) PDF
Pre-Employment Health & Safety Checklist (Word)
Request for Authorization for Additional Teaching Assignments (PDF)
Request for Medical Leave
Request for Retirement Contribution/Deduction for Summer Salary (PDF)
Request for Sabbatical/Unpaid Leave for Professional Improvement/Educational Purposes (PDF)
RSCR Appeal/Response Form 
Salary Reduction Agreement for Faculty and Professionals
Salary Reduction Agreement for Hourly Paid Employees
Schedule Reduction Opportunities
Security Authorization for HR
Separation of Employment
Special (Exception) Check Request Policy
Stopping the Tenure Clock for purposes of childbirth, childrearing, or adoption
Stop the Tenure Clock for Exceptional Life Circumstances
Summary of Courses Taught
Temporary Hourly Appointment
Temporary Hourly Request Form
Temporary Salary Appointment
Temporary Salaried Update(PDF)
Tuition Waivers Forms
Volunteer Form and Policy  (PDF)
Worker’s Compensation Incident Report