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2012 - Fifteen Years of Service

Alphabetical List

Collins Center for the Arts
Adele Adkins Collins Center for the Arts
David Adkins School of Performing Arts
Laura Artesani School of Performing Arts
Anthony Babb Auxiliary Services
Dale Babcock Facilities Management
Brenda Bracy Cooperative Extension
Johnna Brazier Chemistry
Martha Broderick School of Business
Marianne Coakley Facilities Management
Laurie Colton Cooperative Extension
William Damien Facilities Management
Michael Day School of Forest Resources
Caryn Drapkin Cooperative Extension
Timothy Elliot Facilities Management
Donna Flint Cooperative Extension
Denise Gardner Admissions
Jeffrey Gopan Facilities Management
Cynthia Growe Maine EPSCOR
Michael Handley Climate Change Institute
Diane Hughes School of Business
Ann Kennedy Children’s Center
Brenda Kennedy-Wade Cooperative Extension
Christopher Mares Intensive English Institute
Lisa Michaud Franco American Centre
Michael Munson Facilities Management
Kenneth Nichols Public Administration
Valerie “Marcie” Noyes Information Technologies
Eric Pandiscio College of Education & Human Development
Sharon Paradis Cooperative Extension
Andrew Reeve Earth Sciences
Gerard Robichaud Facilities Management
Marcella Sorg Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center
Kathleen Savoie Cooperative Extension
Anne St. Pierre College of Education & Human Development
Sharon Tisher School of Economics
Carol Toner Continuing Education Division
Karen Toohey Cooperative Extension
Mark Vaillancourt Facilities Management
Judy Walker Communication Sciences & Disorders
Clifford Wilbur Sponsored Programs Division
Theodore Woodward Athletics

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