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Recognition – Retirees - Eligibility Criteria

Current Retiree Eligibility Criteria:

Regular classified, professional and faculty employees who have ten years of continuous University service immediately prior to retirement and are at least 55 years old OR 65 years old or older will be eligible for recognition as a retiree at the Annual Banquet. Those honored at the spring Banquet will have reached their retirement anniversary date between the months of September 2 (the beginning of an academic year) and before September 1 (the end of the academic year). This will result in the consistent treatment of all fiscal and academic year employees. This policy change occurred for the 1996 banquet.

It is important to have your retirement paperwork in to the Office of Human Resources so we can determine that you are retiring from the University. In some cases, paperwork filed at the end of April will result in the retiree not being included in that year’s banquet. We will make every effort to have the retiree included in that year’s events, however if this is not possible, the retiree will be included in the next year’s activities.

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