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Faculty - Summer Salary Memo – 2012

TO:  AFUM Unit  Academic-Year Faculty

FROM:  Judith S.  Ryan, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Administration

RE:  Eligibility to  Receive TIAA-CREF on Summer Salary Payments       Process to  Receive this Benefit

The Handbook for the Faculty and Professional Staff (Section  2.8, page 49) describes certain activities outside the customary duties and/or  work year of University Faculty and Staff members that may be eligible for  additional compensation, including summer salary, for Extra-Curricular  Professional Activity.

University policy and the contractual agreement with AFUM  permit faculty with academic-year appointments to receive summer salary for  research or educational services, excluding overload teaching, on sponsored  contracts or grants where allowed by the sponsor.  Amounts must not exceed three-ninths of the  academic-year salary including endowed named chair or professorship  stipends.  All other stipends are  excluded from the calculation of summer salary payments.  Activities covered by summer salary support  must be conducted between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of  the fall semester.

Participants in the UMS Retirement Plan for Faculty and  Professional Staff may elect to have contributions made to TIAA-CREF or other  approved vendors on their summer salary payments provided the additional  compensation (summer salary)

is equal to or exceeds two-ninths (2/9ths) of his/her  academic year salary as of June 1; and

is for non-teaching duties; and

is for duties performed between June 1 and August 31; and

the faculty member authorizes deductions of his/her  contribution (4%) to TIAA-CREF or other approved vendors in order for the  University to make its contribution (10%); and the faculty member must request  the TIAA-CREF or other approved vendor contribution in writing as soon as  possible, but in no case later than the tenth of the month in which the summer  salary is to be paid .  Forms to request  this contribution are available at  Forms should be completed and returned to the  Payroll Office, 120/124 Corbett Hall.

Requests for summer salary must be documented  on an Additional Pay Form with appropriate signature authority as detailed in the form routing and approvals section of the Additional Pay form instructions at Additional Pay Forms are available at  Please note summer salary as the reason for  additional pay in the reason/description section of the Additional Pay  Form.   Adjustments in summer salary  payments, to reflect any salary increase which might be effective July 1, may  be initiated by the department, if sufficient funds are available.  Summer salary payments are not automatically  adjusted by Human Resources to reflect any possible July 1 increase.

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