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Faculty - PATFA Service List

Article 11 of the collective bargaining agreement provides that teaching assignments shall be offered to unit members based on their placement on a service list, individual “qualifications, stated availability and preference.” Unit members earn a service unit for each semester a course (credit or credit-equivalent course(s) is taught. Summer Session and May Term teaching does not earn any service credits. Credit is not given for semesters when the individual holds a University position outside the part-time faculty unit. Service credits may be earned by teaching in more than one department. Compare Availability Forms with a current service list to determine which individuals you must consider for assignments. Service units have been counted beginning with the 1977-78 academic year and are divided into the following categories:

List 1 – Fewer than 6 service units

List 2 – 6 to 12 service units

List 3 – 13 or more service units

List 3+ – 20 or more service units

PATFA Service List (Excel) (as of August 8, 2014)

If you wish to receive an Excel version of the list please contact or 581-1579

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