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Faculty - Part-Time Faculty Association Employment Information Summary

Part-time faculty become a member of this bargaining unit when they have taught part-time in two of the previous four semesters and are teaching part-time during the current semester. The collective bargaining agreement between the University of Maine System and the University of Maine Part-Time Faculty Association (PATFA) is available at or from the PATFA Office at University of Maine at Farmington, 111 South Street, Farmington, ME 04938. An informational copy of this agreement is available at the Office of Human Resources, 230A Corbett Hall. The following is intended to communicate important details about your employment as a part-time faculty member at the University of Maine, and supplements the information contained on the PATFA-Temp Faculty overload teaching agreement which you sign and dated to accept the PATFA appointment. Questions may be directed to the Office of Human Resources at 581-1581 or the PATFA Office.

  • The official personnel file for part-time faculty is located in the Human Resources Office in Corbett Hall.
  • Part-time faculty are required to submit an Availability Form to each department in which they wish to teach. A part-time faculty member who does not have a form on file is not eligible for assignment of courses. It is the responsibility of the unit member to complete and return an updated form every two years.
  • Part-time unit faculty earn one ‘service unit’ upon successful completion of bargaining unit employment in each fall or spring semester, regardless of number of courses taught. Summer session or May term teaching does not earn a service credit.

List 1 – fewer than 6 service units

List 2 – 6 to 12 service units

List 3 – 13 or more service units

  • Available part-time temporary teaching assignments shall first be offered to unit members on List 3 on the basis of qualifications, stated availability and preference. Remaining assignments may then be offered to faculty on List 2 and then List 1.
  • The Service List is maintained by Human Resources based on payroll data and is established prior to September 1 for use during the following calendar year.
  • A unit member who does not teach for six consecutive fall and spring semesters due to lack of assignment shall no longer be considered a unit member. If the faculty member is then reemployed, he/she shall have the status as a new employee with no previous Service Credits. A unit member who receives an appointment outside the bargaining unit shall maintain service credits for four years following the date of the appointment.

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