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DeptID Department HRP Payroll
OVPAA Academic Affairs Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OASUP Academic Support Services for Student Athletes Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OADMS Admissions Kasey Richards Payroll
OADRT Advance Rising Tide Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OAMC Advanced Manufacturing Center Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OADCC Advanced Structures and Composites Center Alyssa Anaya Payroll
OAY Anthropology John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OAT Art John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OATH Athletics Kasey Richards Payroll
OHOUS Auxiliary Services Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OBLE Bureau of Labor Education Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OBURS Bursar’s Office Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OBUSV Business Services Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OCAAM Canadian American Center John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OCPP Career Center Alyssa Anaya Payroll
OCCI Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OCRSF Center for Research on Sustainable Forests Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OCTE Center for Teaching Excellence Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OAGE Center on Aging Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OCHE Chemical Engineering Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
OCH Chemistry John Kidder Jennifer Collins
ODCC Children’s Center Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OCE Civil & Environmental Engineering Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
OCLIM Climate Change Institute Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OCSP College Success Program Alyssa Anaya Payroll
OCMJM Communication & Journalism John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OCSD Communication Sciences & Disorders Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OCIS Computing & Information Science John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OCONF Conference Services Division Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OCED Continuing and Distance Education Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OCES Cooperative Extension John Kidder Payroll
OCFRU Cooperative Forestry Research Unit Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OCCPS Counseling Center Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OEDUL Counseling, Curriculum & Foundations, Literacy, and Special Education Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OSHC Cutler Student Health Center Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
ODC Darling Marine Center Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OEDDN Dean’s Office, Education Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OTDEN Dean’s Office, Engineering Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
OASDN Dean’s Office, Liberal Arts & Sciences John Kidder Jennifer Collins
ODEV Development Office Willow Sherwood Payroll
ODSS Disability Support Services Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OLLDN Division of Lifelong Learning Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OMAC Division of Marketing and Communication Willow Sherwood Payroll
OSDEN Division of Student Affairs Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OERS Earth and Climate Sciences, School of Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OEDUC Education Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OEDUH Education Leadership, Higher Education and Human Development Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OECE Electrical & Computer Engineering Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
OEH English John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OENRL Enrollment Management Kasey Richards Payroll
OEPSR EPSCoR Project Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OOEO Equal Opportunity Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OEDUK Exercise Science and STEM Education Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OEXP Explorations Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OFM Facilities Management Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OCCOL Faculty Senate Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OFARM Farms/University Forest Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OOBFI Financial Management Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OFOLK Folk Life Center John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OFBRI Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OSIC Foster Student Innovation Center Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OFRAA Franco American Centre John Kidder Jennifer Collins
ODEAN Graduate School Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OGSBS Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OHY History John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OHNRS Honors College Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OHUD Hudson Museum Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OHR Human Resources Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OHCTR Hutchinson Center Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
ODIC Industrial Cooperation Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OIT Information Technologies Computer Connection Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OINST Institutional Research Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OIEI Intensive English Institute John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OINTL International Programs Kasey Richards Jennifer Collins
OISC International Study Center Kasey Richards Jennifer Collins
OLSST Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OLY Library Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OMCA Maine Center for the Arts Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OMCSC Margaret Chase Smith Center Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OMS Mathematics & Statistics John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OME Mechanical Engineering Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
OMIL Military Science Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
OWRI Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OMLC Modern Languages & Classics John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OBMMB Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OATM Museum of Art Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OGI National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
ONPF National Poetry Foundation John Kidder Jennifer Collins
ONAP Native American Program John Kidder Jennifer Collins
ONFDN Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture Nicole Lawrence Payroll
ONAV Naval ROTC Cathy DeGrasse Jennifer Collins
ONMP New Media John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OPARK Parking Office Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OPL Philosophy John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OPS Physics & Astronomy John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OPOL Political Science John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OPRES President’s Office Willow Sherwood Payroll
OPRSS Printing Services Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OPY Psychology John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OSEC Public Safety Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OSET School of Engineering Technology Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
ORCT Recruiting Kasey Richards Payroll
ORISE Rise Center Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OEHS Safety and Environmental Management Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OSBE School of Biology and Ecology Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OBA School of Business Cathy DeGrasse Payroll
OSOE School of Economics (Natural Sciences) Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OSFA School of Food and Agriculture Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OFORM School of Forest Resources Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OSMS School of Marine Sciences Nicole Lawrence Payroll
ONURS School of Nursing Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OSPA School of Performing Arts John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OSPIA School of Policy and International Affairs Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OSG Sea Grant Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OSWK Social Work Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OSY Sociology John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OSPD Sponsored Programs Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OSAID Student Aid Kasey Richards Payroll
OREG Student Records Kasey Richards Payroll
OSSI Sustainability Solutions Initiative Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OUNST University Bookstore Willow Sherwood Jennifer Collins
OVPRP Vice President for Research Alyssa Anaya Jennifer Collins
OW Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology Nicole Lawrence Payroll
OWIC Women in the Curriculum John Kidder Jennifer Collins
OWRC Women’s Resource Center Cathy DeGrasse Payroll


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