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Alphabetical List of Critters - Earwigs

Earwigs are reddish brown and up to 3/4″ long when fully grown. Earwigs have a pair of forcep-like pincers extending from the back end. The pincers are used for defense and also to catch other insects upon which earwigs sometimes feed.

Young earwigs resemble adults but are smaller. The female cares for her eggs and young until they are big enough to wander away from the nest and obtain their own food. Usually, earwigs are first noticed in the spring around the outside of the home or garage near the foundation. It is reasonable to assume that most areas around homes are likely to be infested with earwigs.  A certain percentage of adults and eggs last through the winter.   While it is unlikely that they can ever be completely eliminated, one ‘can’ keep populations at acceptable levels.

Fact Sheet (with Management Guidelines): Earwigs


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