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Course Descriptions: Spring 2014 - HTY 519: Modern Britain and Empire

Instructor:  Stephen Miller

Time:  Wednesday; 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Description:  This course explores the expansion and consolidation of the British Empire from the late 18th century to the interwar years.  It will address some of the major historiographical debates concerning the British Empire.  Readings will examine the relationship of the metropole to the periphery; formal and the informal empire; the movement towards responsible self-government in the “white-settler” colonies; the “New Imperialism”; slavery, indentured servitude and free labor; and the ways in which Great Britain and its colonists viewed the empire. The seminar’s broad focus, incorporating the major political, social, economic and cultural developments of Great Britain and its empire, is intended to prepare students for further research on topics of more limited scope.

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