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Course Descriptions: Spring 2014 - HTY 410: 20th Century Europe II (Since 1945)

Instructor:  Richard Blanke

Time:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 10:00 – 10:50 am

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Description:  This course examines key developments in Europe since the Second World War, the distinguishing feature of which was the Cold War division of the continent into two contrasting halves: a western Europe shorn of much of its former power, but home now to the world’s largest collection of democratic, prosperous, and peaceful nation-states; and an eastern Europe subject to Soviet rule and Communist-inspired political and economic reorganization; culminating in the East European Revolutions of 1989/1991, which eliminated this rule, and this division; and shifted the focus to other problems, e.g., economic and demographic stagnation, ethnic strife, and cultural conflict, the historical sources of which  this course will also examine.
This course satisfies the GenEd Western Cultural Tradition and the Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives requirements. The (revised) prerequisite is six hours of previous course work in History, or permission.

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