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Course Descriptions: Fall 2013 - HTY 398: Expansion, Conflict, and Identity in France, 1453-1815

Instructor:  Angela Haas

Time:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1:10 – 2:00 p.m.


Description:  This course examines the major cultural, social, and political developments in France from the end of the Hundred Years’ War through the Napoleonic Empire. Our exploration of this period will be guided by three interrelated concepts: expansion, conflict, and identity. While expansion often led to conflict, both influenced, and were influenced by, individual and collective identities. Throughout the course, we will explore various types of “expansion,” ranging from the expansion of state authority, to colonial expansion, to the expansion of knowledge and the printed word. Expansion rarely went uncontested, and thus we will also seek to understand how the history of France was driven by conflicts, ranging from wars, to popular rebellions, to intellectual debates. Finally, expansion and conflict during this period cannot be properly understood without an in-depth study of the mentalities of historical figures. Thus, considerable attention will be given to the nature of individual and collective identities, especially as they relate to religious belief, social status, gender norms, and the exchange of ideas.

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