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UMaine personnel are in contact with state officials as vaccination plans continue to evolve. 
Members of the UMaine community are encouraged to get vaccinated for seasonal flu and, as appropriate, for H1N1 virus.

Seasonal flu vaccine is available at Cutler Health Center, for students and for faculty members and staff members (and their spouses) who participate in the University of Maine System sponsored Anthem Health Plan.  Those interested should call 581-4179 to make an appointment.

As the spring semester begins in January 2010, Cutler Health Center has received a supply of H1N1 vaccine. It is available to all UMaine students, staff members, faculty members, retirees and spouses by appointment. Call (207) 581-4000 to schedule an appointment.

The health center will will bill health insurance companies or patients may pay at the time of their visit.

The Maine Insurance Commissioners’ office has negotiated with all major Maine insurance carriers including Anthem to provide coverage for the administration of the vaccine.


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