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If you become sick

Members of the UMaine community who are sick with flu symptoms are asked to stay in their residence hall room or place of residence (social distancing) until 24 hours after the symptoms abate.  This means being free of fever without the use of fever reducing medications for that time period.

If possible, students who become sick are encouraged to recuperate at home, traveling from campus to home in a way that limits contact with others as much as possible. Individuals experiencing flu-like symptoms should not drive themselves.

  • Students, faculty members and staff members are encouraged to contact their health care provider at the onset of symptoms.
  • Social distancing means refraining from all outside activities, including classes, work, travel, shopping, social events and other public areas and gatherings.  Leaving one’s residence to access medical care is a logical exception.

The federal government has also created a document with useful advice for living situations while dealing with H1N1. It is available at

To assist UMaine and health officials in tracking the spread of the illness, please report your flu symptoms by providing the information requested at

Ill UMaine students who live in residence halls may take advantage of Dining Services’ Get Well Meal program. This service allows those students to order meals online, for delivery or pick-up by a friend.


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