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High-risk Populations

Students or others who are in high-risk groups, as it relates to potential H1N1 infection, may have specific questions or concerns.  Questions may be directed to Student Affairs at (207) 581-1406, Cutler Health Center at (207) 581-4000, Human Resources at (207) 581-1581 or to Residence Life staff in residence halls.

Members of the UMaine community with specific concerns are also asked to address those concerns with their health-care provider.

High-risk groups include those with the following conditions:

  • asthma
  • cystic fibrosis
  • diabetes
  • pregnancy
  • immunosupression
  • people with disabilities and their caregivers

More details about high-risk populations is available on the Maine Center for Disease Control website.

For specific information about guidelines relative to people with disabilities, visit the federal Centers for Disease Control website.

Those with further questions about whether they are of high risk are asked to contact their health-care provider or Cutler Health Center at (207) 581-4000.


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