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InterChemNet (ICN)

What it’s for:

InterChemNet (ICN) is the general chemistry portal to access lab content and data for the laboratory program. The courses that use InterChemNet include CHY 102, CHY 123, CHY 124, and CHY 133.

Your ICN account will allow you to download procedures for each laboratory experiment.

Your laboratory instructor will post your grades to your ICN account so you can keep track of your progress in the course.

How to use ICN:

To use ICN, you must set up a user account HERE with the code found in your InterChemNet® Access Packet (must be purchased at University Bookstore).

If you think that your ICN page is not functioning properly or you have difficulty starting an account, please e-mail Robert (Bob) Kirk at

How to get to the page:

Click on the link below to get to the log-in page for ICN. You can also use a search browser to locate the page by typing in “InterChemNet.”

InterChemNet (ICN)