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Welcome to General Chemistry


Because of issues with the ICN program not working from off campus, we have created a duplicate website for you to download your lab procedures when off campus. However, when on campus, you will still need to “Accept” the lab from your ICN progress page.


We have created a new webpage, called “ICN backup website”, which resides at: ( This webpage is also accessible from the main page on the general chemistry website (

When you first access the webpage, it will ask you for a password. You must get the password from your lab instructor.

When you log in, you will see Tables for the CHY 123 and CHY 133 lab courses, organized in a similar way as your ICN homepage. You will be able to click on the link in the last column to download your lab assignment. Assignments will be posted on ICN as well as this webpage.


At this time, the ICN program is working on campus, so when on campus you should be able to submit your lab report from your ICN progress page. Note, that you need to “Accept” your lab assignments using ICN before being able to submit them. Please make sure when submitting your lab report that it is uploaded as a WORD or PDF file. Remember, this still needs to be done when on campus.



CHY 121 Classes:

Instructors teaching CHY 121 will be using the following textbook, available in the University of Maine bookstore:

Chemistry: The Central Science (13th Edition) 13th Ed., Prentice Hall: by Theodore E. Brown (Author), H. Eugene H LeMay (Author), Bruce E. Bursten (Author), Catherine Murphy (Author), Patrick Woodward (Author), Matthew E Stoltzfus (Author)

Note that the textbook available in the University of Maine bookstore is bundled with the program Mastering, which some course instructors use to assign homework. 

CHY 131 Classes:

The instructor teaching CHY 131 will be using the following textbook, available in the University of Maine bookstore:

Chemistry for Engineering Students, 3rd Edition; Cengage Learning; Brown, Holme​.

CHY 123 and 133 Labs:

Lab starts the first week of the semester.

Look for instructions (posted around August 26) for attending a Safety and Orientation Session during your first week of classes.

In order to set up your lab account, you will need to purchase an access packet for the general chemistry lab courses. They are only available in the University Bookstore: Chemistry: InterChemNet® Access Packet (CHY 123, and CHY 133 courses). If you  experience difficulty with creating your ICN account  (e.g. ICN barcode), please contact or visit 229 Aubert Hall.