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Cooperative Extension: Garden & Yard

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Master Gardener Volunteers - Master Gardener Development Board Members and By-Laws

2013 Members

Alice Elliott
Caragh Fitzgerald
Jane Rice
John Wilson
Marjorie Peronto
Mia Purcell
Richard Brzozowski
Sam Gifford
Tori Jackson


Article I

Section 1.  Name
The name of this organization shall be the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Development Board, aka UMaine Extension MGDB.

Section 2. Affiliation
The UMaine Extension MGDB shall be affiliated with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension as part of the Home Horticulture Program Leadership Team (HHPLT).

Article II

Section 1. Purpose
The purpose of the UMaine Extension MGDB is to raise awareness and funds to:

a. Support and expand the volunteer work and community outreach projects of Master Gardener Volunteers.

b. Support and assist the Master Gardener Volunteer program on a statewide basis.

c. Identify and develop funding sources to increase accessibility and opportunity for Master Gardener Volunteers to learn in a supportive environment.

Article III

Section 1. Board Members
There shall be nine (9) members of the UMaine Extension MGDB: 4 employees selected by the Home Horticulture PLT and 5 certified UMaine Extension Master Gardener Volunteers selected by an application process to the current Board. The group will be collaboratively led by a chair/chair elect, selected by the board, and a HHPLT representative.

a. For the first cycle, three (3) will fill 2 year terms, three (3) will fill 3 year terms, and three (3) will fill 4 year terms. All subsequent selections will be for three (3) year terms. A full array of development skills and broad geographical representation will be considered among the criteria for determination of board members.

b. Application process begins September 1st each year with nominations coming from members of the HHPLT and from board members. Applications will close September 30th, and the first annual meeting of the board will occur before January 31st of the coming year.

c. The UMaine Extension MGDB will review applications, using a form indicating the criteria for selection, to include but not be limited to geographic location, area of expertise and special skill sets. Selection of new board members will be determined at a meeting scheduled after September 30th and prior to January 31st.

d. Board membership is limited to two (2) consecutive three (3)-year terms.

e. Any Board member missing from 2 consecutive meetings will be contacted to determine his/her interest in continuing on the Board.

f. Mid-term vacancies to be filled, to the end of the vacated term, will be offered initially to the pool of qualified nominees from the most recent selection to the MGDB.

Section 2. Board Members

a. Elected Board Officers as follows: Chair–to fill a one year term of office, beginning with the January meeting and preside at all meetings. Chair will select a rotating minute taker for each meeting, to be determined at the prior meeting.

b. Chair-elect–to provide support and assistance to the Chair, run the meeting if the chair is absent, and will rotate into the Chair position in the following year. Chair elect will be chosen amongst the volunteer members of the MGDB via consensus.

c. Communication Liaison will be selected from the current HHPLT staff members via consensus, and will be asked to record all important agreements and to get information from the UMaine Development Office on the current fund balance.

d. Duties of Board Members shall include:

  • Attendance at scheduled Board meetings.
  • Service on subcommittees and ad hoc groups, as relevant to the work of the board.

Section 3. Dissolution
Upon dissolution of the Master Gardener Program, all assets become the property of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension according to the statement in the “fund” creation document on file with the University of Maine.

Article IV

Section 1.  Meetings
There will be no fewer than two or more than four regular meetings annually. The calendar for the regular meetings will be set at the beginning of the year.

Special Meetings of the Board shall be called by the Chair. Any Board member may request that a special meeting be called.

Section 2. Fund Raising
An annual report of financial activities of the MGDB will be created by the Communication Liaison to be presented at the January meeting.

Section 3. MGDB Fund Use
As funds are accumulated in the development account, the group will create and periodically update criteria for using these funds to support the Master Gardener programs, to include but not be exclusive to:

1.      State-wide Master Gardener Program Scholarship Fund.
2.      Seed money for new or existing community based projects.
3.      Promotion of the Master Gardener program within the state.

Section 4. Decision making

a. A quorum is necessary to make decisions and shall constitute a number greater than 50% of current board members. Said quorum must include at least 2 members of each segment (staff/volunteers).  All actions by the Board shall seek consensus decisions, however when consensus cannot be attained, the group may resort to majority vote.

b. In a situation requiring timely action between meetings, email and/or telephone contact with board members is permissible with a quorum as defined above. Such action shall be reflected in the next set of minutes.

Article V

Section 1. Amendments
These bylaws may be amended at any meeting following a quorum vote and providing there has been advanced notice of the proposed amendment.

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