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First Year Experience

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Info for Students’ Families

Exchanging Information About Your Students

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act sets limits on the information that we can provide to parents or families of a student without express consent from the student.

However, we recognize that parents and families often have the best insight into the actions and needs of their student.  Information that will help us to better support your student is always welcome.

Relationship Between Students and the University

Our focus is always on our students. There are compelling educational reasons that college students should be treated as adults and sometimes, by doing this, it might feel that we are excluding the families of these students.  However, we want parents and families to realize that we are ultimately here to help every one of our students succeed as they make the transition into adulthood.

If you as a parent or family member of a first-year student have a concern, please feel free to contact us.  Especially when this is your first time sending a student away to college it can be hard to determine what is a minor concern that you let your student handle for him or herself and what is a major concern that you should really be worried about.  If you aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d be glad to listen to your concerns and let you know (based on our years of experience working with college students) what you should be concerned about and how you can help your student with those concerns.

For additional information about being a parent/family of a college student, the transitions that come with this change in your relationship with your student, and resources to help you through this change, please check out the following handbook:

UMaine Parent and Family Handbook

First Year Residency Requirement

As part of the First Year Experience at UMaine, we require all first-year students to live on campus for their full first year.  Living on campus greatly increases students’ opportunities to get to know their peers, increases students’ access to faculty and staff, and it increases students’ access to clubs, organizations and campus events.  Living on campus is also positively linked to students’ persistence toward attaining a degree; our data shows that UMaine students who live on campus their first year receive higher GPAs and are more likely to return for their second year of school when compared to their peers who live off campus!

Living on campus is required for all new admitted first-year students who are: aged 20 or younger; do not live with a parent or legal guardian within easy commuting distance (35 miles); are not student veterans and do not have exceptional circumstances that prevent them from meeting this requirement. To apply for an exemption to this requirement, you must complete a Housing contract.

Information About Moving In

Policy Information to Assure a Safe Living Environment

Reaching Other Offices

If you have questions about:

Contact Housing Services at 207-581-4580, at or visit their website.

If you have questions about:

Contact Residence Life at 207-581-4801 or visit our website.

If you have questions about:

Contact Dining Services at 207-581-4580 or visit their website.

If you have questions about:

Contact the Counseling Center at 207-581-1392 or visit their website.

If you have questions about:

Contact Cutler Health Center at 207-581-4000 or visit their website.

If you have questions about:

Contact the University of Maine Police Department at 207-581-4040 or visit their website.


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First Year Experience
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