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I would like to vac in Maine, Delaware & Quebec. I would like to learn the type of French which is spoken in these areas. Would you please send info on what materials are appropriate for learning this particular type of French & info on the culture?

Hello, I cannot speak to the French in Delaware, but the French in Maine is Quebecois and Acadian French. So, I’d suggest learning French Canadian French. I’ve not any particular materials to send you, but here are a few websites:

You can also look on for books on French Canadian French.

Y a-t-il une radio de langue française en Nouvelle-Angleterre? ou du moins une radio de langue anglaise avec des programmes en français ?

Yes, here is a list:

  • Dimanche – Samedi L’Air du temps, WUMB, Boston, MA ( )
  • Dimanche 08:30-09:30 Salut! Bonjour! WNRI 1380 AM, Woonsocket, RI ( )
  • Dimanche 09:00-12:00 Chez Nous WFEA 1370 AM, Manchester, NH (603-669-5777)
  • Dimanche 12:00-14:00 L’Echo Musical WNRI 1380 AM, Woonsocket, RI ( )
  • Dimanche 17:00-18:00 L’Heure Francaise WHTB 1400 AM, Fall River, MA (508-677-1400)
  • Dimanche 17:00-19:00 Your French Connection WUML 91.5 FM, Lowell, MA ( )
  • Lundi 06:00-08:00 French Toast WMBR 88.1 FM, Cambridge, MA ( )
  • Lundi-Vendredi 07:00-09:00 Radio France Int’le, WJIB 740 AM, Cambridge, MA (617-868-7400)
  • Vendredi 10:30-12:00 A La Votre! WMPG 90.0 & 104.1 FM, Portland, ME ( )
  • Samedi 11:00-13:00 L’Echo Musical WNRI 1380 AM, Woonsocket, RI ( )
  • Samedi 12:00-14:00 L’Heure Francaise WCUW 91.3 FM, Worcester, MA

I wrote, not too long ago, about your on-line courses. I’m very interested in taking the Franco American women course, but I’m not sure how to best go about registering for the class. Any suggestions? merci mille fois!

The best way to sign up for the course is through the UMaineOnline on the University of Maine website.

Bonjour, It has recently come to my attention that a book is about to be released based on the work of Dr. Robert Rioux, the late professor of French at the University of Maine. Can you tell me more about this?

Yes, Professor Jane Smith worked with the University of Maine Press to publish Dr. Rioux’s work on Franco American French. The book is in print now and can be obtained through the University of Maine Press.

I am looking for recipes for French meat pie. Where can I find one?

They are also called tourtiere. Here is one website with info and recipes. You might also find recipes by doing an internet search for French Canadian meat pie or tourtiere.

How many Franco Americans are there?

The best place to look is the US Census. According to the United States census, respondents claiming French/French Canadian ancestry constituted 11% of Connecticut, 25% of Maine, 14% of Massachusetts, 27% of New Hampshire, 20% of Rhode Island, and 28% of Vermont populations. All ancestry totals come from Table QT-02 of the 2000 census.

How common is French?

French is the most common language after English in three New England states: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Using data from the 2000 United States census, the Modern Language Association shows that French constitutes 70% of languages other than English spoken in Maine, 44% in New Hampshire, and 45% in Vermont. All language statistics come from the MLA language map.

I was wondering if you might have any suggestions of resources/references related to franco-american culture, values and norms.

I’d start with Regis Langelier’s article on French Canadian families in a text called Ethnicity and Family Therapy.

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