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Forms and Procedures - Ordering 101 in the SFA

There are three main ways to order supplies or services:

  • Directly through Mainestreet. (If you are a first time user of Mainestreet, please contact Vicki and she will help you to set up your profile and give you a brief tutorial.)

 Log on to Mainestreet, and click on: Enterprise Applications; Financial; University of Maine System; Purchasing; Mainestreet Marketplace

 A list of catalog suppliers should pop up.  You can search for a product from any supplier on the main page, or if you know the preferred supplier, click on that supplier, e.g. Fisher Scientific.  Click ‘punch-out’.  At this point you can search for items, or enter a product number (if you know it).  When the item comes up, enter a quantity and click ‘add to cart’. 

 After you have added all the items you wish to order, view your shopping cart by clicking on the ‘cart’ icon in the upper righthand corner or click ‘checkout’.  At this point you can continue shopping (click ‘continue shopping’ button) or adjust quantities (change the number and click the ‘update’ button).  When your cart is finalized, click ‘checkout’ or ‘return cart to purchasing application’.  Review your cart and if it is correct, click ‘submit’. 

 You can again check your order and click ‘assign cart’.  You should assign your cart to Vicki Barbalias (either her name will appear when you click ‘select from profile value’ or you can ‘search for an assignee’ to find her name and click it).  Add the project or program number or name of the account to be charged in the ‘note’ box along with a brief purpose for the order (e.g. supplies for food lab) and click ‘assign’.



  • Directly through P Card.  First check to be sure your supplier is not in Mainestreet by logging on to Mainestreet Marketplace(instruction in #1 above), then clicking on the Go to: ‘non-catalog item’ button, which is found just underneath the ‘Shop’ box at the top of the page.  Enter the name of your supplier (people’s names are entered as first name, last name).  If you do not find your supplier listed, use your Pcard to order on-line or by phone.

  Then use the SFA-OrderFormFillable to add the account information and other requested information, attach to an order confirmation or receipt from the purchase, and send to Vicki Barbalias. If you do find your supplier in Mainestreet use method #1 or #3 on this page, not P card.



Things Vicki Barbalias needs from you after you order

Packing slip from the delivered order, signed or initialed and dated

Anything you receive with the word ‘invoice’ on it

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