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School of Food and Agriculture

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Robert Bayer, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 1972) Professor and Executive Director, Lobster Institute.

Timothy Bowden, Ph.D. (University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1998). Assistant Professor of Aquaculture. Disease resistance in oysters and other shellfish, effective treatments for shellfish disease, immune function of fish.

Stephanie Burnett, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 2004) Associate Professor. Ornamental plant production, greenhouse     management, herbaceous perennials and floriculture.

Rodney J. Bushway, Ph.D. (Texas A&M, 1977), Professor.  Methods development in food analyses as it relates to stress metabolites, pesticides and bioactive compounds.

Beth Calder, Ph.D. (University of Maine, 2003), Assistant Extension Professor and Assistant Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Food safety and technology research in the areas of fruit and vegetables, seafood and valued-added food product development; outreach liaison to the Maine food industry.

Mary Ellen Camire, Ph.D. (Texas Woman’s University, 1989), Professor. Extrusion technology; nutrition policy, dietary fiber; sensory evaluation; phytochemicals.

Robert Causey, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University, 1995).  Associate Professor.

M. Susan Erich, Ph.D. (Cornell, 1984), Professor.  Plant-soil interactions, soil organic matter, nutrient availability from alternative fertilizer materials.

Eric R. Gallandt, Ph.D. (Wisconsin-Madison, 1994), Associate Professor. Sustainable agriculture, cropping systems, and weed ecology and management.

Jainjun (Jay) Hao, Ph.D.(University of California, Davis, 2000) Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology. Epidemiology and management of potato diseases. Soil microbial communities associated with soil and plant health. Utilizing beneficial microorganisms to manage plant diseases.

Mark Hutton, Ph.D. (New Hampshire, 1988), University of Maine Cooperative Extension; Associate Professor. Highmoor Farm, Sustainable vegetable production practices. Plant breeding and insect biocontrol.

Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 1982), Professor. Cholesterol, lipoprotein, trace mineral nutrition and metabolism as related to cardiovascular disease. Transcultural studies on the role of Mediterranean diet(s) in certain degenerative diseases.

Anne Lichtenwalner, DVM PhD (DVM: Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine 1989; PhD: University of Idaho 1995). Assistant Professor of Animal and Veterinary Science, Extension Veterinarian and Director of the University of Maine Animal Health Laboratory.  Infectious diseases of livestock, poultry and wildlife.

Ellen Mallory, Ph.D. (University of Maine, 2007), Extension Sustainable Agriculture Specialist and Assistant Professor. Sustainable agriculture; soil quality, fertility and nutrient cycling; and grain production, including organic.

David Marcinkowski, Ph.D. (Ohio State University, 1982). Associate Professor – Dairy Specialist, Cooperative Extension

Renae Moran, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas, 1996). Associate Professor. University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Tree fruit production and physiology.

Angela Myracle, M.P.H., Ph.D. (Purdue University, 2010), Assistant Professor. Phytochemicals and Health, Bio-availability of plant bioactives, Phytochemical composition differences between organic and conventional foods Impact of phytochemicals on chronic disease and oxidative stress.

Balunkeswar (Balu) Nayak , Ph.D. (Washington State University, 2011), Assistant Professor.  Thermal and non-thermal food processing, effect of processing on food bioactives, food allergens, and toxins.

Tsutomu Ohno, Ph.D. (Cornell, 1983), Professor. Soil chemistry, nutrient availability from alternative fertilizer materials.

L. Brian Perkins, Ph.D. (University of Maine, 2003), Laboratory Director and Research Assistant Professor.  Analytical method development for bioactive compounds, naturally occurring toxins and pesticide residues in food and environmental matrices.

Bryan Peterson,

Gregory Porter, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State, 1985), Professor. Potato cropping systems, crop physiology, soil fertility management, weed-crop interactions.

Marianne Sarrantonio, Ph.D. (Cornell, 1987), Associate Professor. Cropping systems, cover crops, nitrogen transformations, organic soil amendments.

Denise I. Skonberg, Ph.D. (University of Washington, 1997), Associate Professor.  Seafood by-product utilization; fish oil fortification; quality evaluation of aquaculture products.

Lois Berg Stack, Ph.D. (Wisconsin-Madison, 1984), Maine Cooperative Extension. Ornamental plant culture, production, and evaluation.

Martin R. Stokes, Ph.D. (Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland, 1978), Professor.  Silage production and utilization by dairy cattle including evaluation and production of silage additives, particularly enzyme additives.

Susan S. Sullivan, D.Sc., R.D. (Boston University, 1995), Lecturer and Director of the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics. Clinical nutrition topics; calcium, vitamin D, and bone mineralization.

Mona Therrien, D.CN., R.D, L.D. (Rutgers 2013), Lecturer, Director of the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics and Undergraduate Coordinator. Nutrition in chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

Charles R. Wallace, Ph.D. (University of Florida, 1986), Associate Professor.

James A. Weber, Ph.D., DVM. (Washington State University, 1994). Associate Professor.

Adrienne A. White, Ph.D., R.D. (University of Tennessee, 1988), Professor and Dietetic Internship Director. Nutrition, behavior and the environment, interventions and theory-driven behavior change strategies across the life cycle.

Vivian C.H. Wu, Ph.D. (Kansas State University, 2002), Associate Professor. Food safety, food microbiology, food fermentation, gut microbiome and rapid methods and automation in microbiology. Particular interest in the development of new systems for rapid determination of pathogenic injured and non-injured microorganisms in foods, and the development of strategies to control, eliminate, or prevent foodborne pathogens in foods.

Dave Yarborough, Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts, 1991). University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Professor. Blueberry and cranberry horticulture and weed/crop ecology.

Jaina Young, M.Agr. (Pennsylvania State University, 2002).  Lecturer. Landscape design, construction, management and computer-aided design.



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