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Collections - MF 010 Cowing’s Tavern Collection

MF 010 Cowing’s Tavern Collection

Number of accessions: 3
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1976
Time period covered: 19th and 20th centuries
Principal interviewers: Linda Madden
Finding aides: catalogs/transcripts
Access restrictions: NA 1066, 1067
Description: The collection consists of three interviews about the history of Cowing’s Tavern in Lisbon Falls, Maine.


1066 Walton Smith, interviewed by Linda Madden, July 2, 1976, Lisbon Falls, Maine. Smith talks about the Lisbon Falls Fire of 1901 and the destruction it caused; rebuilding after the fire; the Masonic Lodge; a play put on by the Masons; Cowings Tavern, built 1830; the tavern’s use as a stagecoach stop; local entertainment, selling farm products in Lewiston; buildings and families of Lisbon Falls; and a faith healing story. Text: 29 pp., partial transcript, with 3 pp. catalog. Recording: T 1076 – T 1078.

1067 Leon Bard interviewed by Linda Madden, July 12, 1976, Lisbon Falls, Maine. Bard tells of Lisbon Falls in the early and mid-twentieth century; fire that burned Cowing’s Tavern in 1936; horses and their uses; poor performance and reputation of fire department; cutting, storing and selling ice; sawing clapboards; driving the snow roller; sleighs; work horses and their intelligence; dinner [lunch] breaks with his horses; transition to plowing with a truck in the 1930s; driving an oil truck; flood of 1936 which washed out a bridge; his schooling; Saturday night dances at the schoolhouse; and the sequence of a dance called “Hell’s Victory.” Text: 25 pp., partial transcript, plus 5 pp. catalog. Recording: T 1079 – T 1080 1 hour.

1068 Geraldine Hale, interviewed by Linda Madden, summer 1976, Lisbon Falls, Maine. 6 pp. Tape: 3 hrs. w/ brief cat. & partial trans. Hale talks about Cowing’s Tavern; trains; Worumbo; saw mills; 1936 flood; snow roller; steam fire engine. Booklet, “We Remember Lisbon Falls.” Text: brief catalog and partial transcript. Recording: T 1081 3 hours.

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