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Collections - MF 002 “Anna May” Interviews

Number of Interviews: 16; 24 hrs.
Dates when interviews were conducted: January-March, May-July, July-August, 1977
Time period covered: 1895-1977
Principal interviewers: Julia Hunter
Finding Aides: Tape abstracts
Access Restrictions: none

Description: 1653 Hunter, Julia. 1977. New Hampshire: Hanover. Tapes:18 totaling 27 hrs. w/o trans. Series of interviews with Anna Sevigny about her life history. Topics covered include Irish immigrant ancestry; education levels; misunderstandings of different cultures; living conditions as a new arrival to the United States; disposition of parents. Also included is information about North Hartland, VT; description of social life and mills in the region as well as tenants; learning women’s roles; chores; marriage; sewing and cloth-making; food preparation; wine-making; entertainment; pets and livestock owned; travel and transportation over time; schooling; playing pranks; holiday celebrations; community church; lumbering; tensions with tourists; the introduction of electric light and telephones. There is also information about Franklin, NH; working in a hosiery mill; meeting her husband and courtship practices; training to be a nurse in Manchester, NH; living conditions with first marriage; strikes in the mills; moving to Boston, MA; her husband’s drinking problems; prohibition; entertainment and nursing in Boston, getting separated and moving to Woodstock, VT. Also covers social life during the Depression; her first car; getting divorced and living alone in Lebanon, NH; being a nanny; the Chicago World’s Fair; working in Florida during World War II; her second marriage; hobbies and volunteer work; travels; shoulder accident; life after Mr. Sevigny’s death; living in White River Junction, VT; learning to fly; and aging and living in a nursing home. This material was the basis for “Anna May: Eighty-Two Years in New England” (Northeast Folklore XX, 1979). P5838 – P5856/ C20 – C37.

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