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Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History - Collections

Our accessions are all given unique ID numbers that start with NA (Northeast Archives).  Accessions that are related are then put into collections.  These collections are also given unique numbers, but these start with MF (Maine Folklife).  Below you will find the collections followed by short descriptions.  If you click on the collection names you will go to a more detailed description of that collection as well as abstracts for the individual accessions within them.  Note: Many accessions are relevant to multiple collections so they have been cross-listed.  

MF 001 Airline Road & Airline Community Project

Interviews done by Joan Brooks and Jack Beard for a course taught by Sandy Ives about the history of the Airline Road (Rt. 9 from Bangor to Calais) and the Airline community ca.1900.

MF 002 “Anna May: Eighty-Two Years in New England”/  Julie Hunter Collection

A series of interviews with Anna Sevigny about her life history.

MF 003 Argyle Boom Collection

The collection consists of interviews on various aspects of boom construction and operation and the daily lives of the workers on the Argyle Boom.

MF 004 Aroostook County Oral History Project

The project was conducted under the auspices of the Cary Library in Houlton, Maine, which resulted of interviews with more than 150 people covering a wide range of topics.

MF 006 Bowdoin College Folklore Papers

Student papers done for a course in folklore offered at Bowdoin College during 1980 related to the folklore and folklife of Maine communities.

MF 007 Canada Road Survey

Series of interviews by historian Barry Rodrigue on immigration into Maine from Quebec along the route known as the Canada Road, which includes Route 201.

MF 008 Norman Cazden Collection

This collection reflects the collecting and composing career of Norman Cazden, a composer, musicologist, and faculty member of UMaine interested in traditional American folk music.

MF 009 Rum Running/ Bootlegging Collection

This collection was originally just NA 2487 (Cavallini Rum Running Collection), but was expanded to include other accessions that dealt with rum-running, bootlegging, and illegal alcohol during Prohibition.

MF 010 Cowing’s Tavern Collection

The collection consists of three interviews about the history of Cowing’s Tavern in Lisbon Falls, Maine.

MF 011 Gordon Bowie Collection of R. B. Hall & Community Dance Bands of Maine

This collection includes interviews and photographs compiled by Gordon Bowie relating to band music in Maine.

MF 012 Lumberman’s Life Collection

This collection brings together interviews that focus on lumbering, woods work, and river drives that are not associated with specific projects.

MF 013 Cranberry Culture in Massachusetts Interviews

A series of 20 accessions featuring interviews done by Stephen Cole and Linda Gifford (1982-1983) documenting cranberry growing in southeastern Massachusetts.

MF 015 Curran Family Homestead Project

A series of student interviews done for Edward D. “Sandy” Ives’s class focused on the Curran Family Homestead, a living history museum in Orrington, Maine.

MF 016 Deering Lumber Company Interviews

The collection consists of fourteen interviews with employees of the Deering Lumber Company in Biddeford, Maine, by Michael Chaney in the summer of 1980.

MF 017 F.O.L.K. (Focus On Local Knowledge) Collection

Accession consists of 116 video tapes produced by Depoy, founder of F.O.L.K., Inc. (Focus On Local Knowledge). Tapes contain raw footage and edited masters for a series of TV programs titled “Mainely Bluegrass” broadcast on Maine Public Television in 1996.

MF 018 Folksong Student Papers

Papers from Eh 34 Ballad and Folksong, Fo 134 Folksong in America, Ay 123 Folksong, and ANT 423 Folksong.

MF 019 Foxfire Bicentennial Interviews

A nationwide project coordinated by E. Wigginton, founder of Foxfire, of interviews with the elderly about their lives and their hopes and fears for the future of the nation.

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