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Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History - Collections

Our accessions are all given unique ID numbers that start with NA (Northeast Archives).  Accessions that are related are then put into collections.  These collections are also given unique numbers, but these start with MF (Maine Folklife).  Below you will find the collections followed by short descriptions.  If you click on the collection names you will go to a more detailed description of that collection as well as abstracts for the individual accessions within them.  

MF 001 Airline Road / Airline Community Project

Interviews done by Joan Brooks and Jack Beard for a course taught by Sandy Ives about the history of the Airline Road (Rt. 9 from Bangor to Calais) and the Airline community ca.1900.

MF 002 “Anna May” Interviews

A series of interviews with Anna Sevigny about her life history.

MF 003 Argyle Boom Collection

The collection consists of interviews on various aspects of boom construction and operation and the daily lives of the workers on the Argyle Boom.

MF 004 Aroostook County Oral History Project

The project was conducted under the auspices of the Cary Library in Houlton, Maine, which resulted of interviews with more than 150 people covering a wide range of topics.

MF 006 Bowdoin College Folklore Papers

Student papers done for a course in folklore offered at Bowdoin College during 1980 related to the folklore and folklife of Maine communities.

MF 007 Canada Road Survey

Series of interviews by historian Barry Rodrigue on immigration into Maine from Quebec along the route known as the Canada Road, which includes Route 201.

MF 008 Norman Cazden Collection

This collection reflects the collecting and composing career of Norman Cazden, a composer, musicologist, and faculty member of UMaine interested in traditional American folk music.

MF 009 Cavallini Rum Running Collection

William C. Cavallini interviewed in West Harwich, Massachusetts, in 1997, by Pauleena MacDougall about his days as a radioman on a rum runner during prohibition.

MF 010 Cowing’s Tavern Collection

The collection consists of three interviews about the history of Cowing’s Tavern in Lisbon Falls, Maine.

MF 011 Gordon Bowie Collection of R. B. Hall & Community Dance Bands of Maine

This collection includes interviews and photographs compiled by Gordon Bowie relating to band music in Maine.

MF 012 Lumberman’s Life Collection

This collection brings together interviews that focus on lumbering, woods work, and river drives that are not associated with specific projects.

MF 013 “Cranberry Culture in Massachusetts” Interviews

A series of 20 accessions featuring interviews done by Stephen Cole and Linda Gifford (1982-1983) documenting cranberry growing in southeastern Massachusetts.

MF 015 Curran Family Homestead Project

A series of student interviews done for Edward D. “Sandy” Ives’s class focused on the Curran Family Homestead, a living history museum in Orrington, Maine.

MF 016 “Deering Lumber Company” Interviews

The collection consists of fourteen interviews with employees of the Deering Lumber Company in Biddeford, Maine, by Michael Chaney in the summer of 1980.

MF 019 “Foxfire Bicentennial” Interviews

A nationwide project coordinated by E. Wigginton, founder of Foxfire, of interviews with the elderly about their lives and their hopes and fears for the future of the nation.

MF 022 Halloween Holiday Traditions Collection

This collection consists of 82 interviews done for Edward D. “Sandy” Ives’s class, pertaining to Halloween traditions in Maine.

MF 023 Hancock County Elders Project

A series of interviews by Roberta Chester about family and community life and activities in a variety of Maine communities in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

MF 025 “Honest Woodsman” Interviews

This collection consists mainly of a series of interviews with David Priest, retired game warden, about his experiences as a warden, trapper, and guide.

MF 026 “Islands and Bridges: Communities of Memory in Old Town, Maine”

A community-based oral history project focusing on the French Canadian immigrant community located on French Island, Old Town, Maine.

MF 027 Edward D. Ives Collection

This is a collection of papers from Sandy Ives upon his retirement from 44 years of service at UMaine and the research that he did after his retirement.

MF 029 “Our Life, Our Work” Project

The “Notre Vie, Notre Travail” project is a series of bilingual interviews about Franco-American culture in the Lewiston, Maine area, particularly as it pertained to work.

MF 030 Lincoln County Project Collection / Leighton Photo Collection

Interviews conducted by Michael Chaney with residents of Lincoln County, Maine in 1978 and photos, text panels, and documents from the resulting exhibit.

MF 032 Louise Manny / Lord Beaverbrook Folksong Collection

Accession consists of songs and ballads dubbed in the early 1960s from Louise Manny’s original acetate disc field recordings (1950s-1960s).

MF 033 Machias River Project

This collection consists of interviews conducted by Edward D. Ives in 1986 with men who worked in the woods and on the river drives along the Machias River.

MF 035 Maine Folklife Survey

Directed by Dr. Lunt, the survey identified cultural collections, recorded traditional festivals and community events, and conducted nearly a hundred interviews.

MF 036 Maine Leaders Oral History Project

Interviews with former Senator Margaret Chase Smith and James Russell Wiggins (Editor of the Ellsworth American).

MF 037 “Life of the Maine Lobsterman” Project

This collection consists of interviews with lobstermen by David Taylor and others conducted during the summer of 1974 for a University of Maine course.

MF 038 Maine State Federated Labor Council Collection

The collection features interviews conducted from1969-1973 about organized labor issues in Maine, but deal primarily with unions, union organizing, and elections.

MF 039 Traditional Music of Maine Project

Interviews with traditional musicians throughout Maine by Jeff “Smokey” McKeen for use in developing a series of eight radio programs devoted to traditional music in Maine.

MF 040 “Maine Women During the Depression and World War II” Project

A collection with the research done by Rita Breton and students in Edward D. Ives’s class womens’ lives and work during The Depression and World War II.

MF 041 “Me and Fannie” Interviews

Ralph Thornton, interviewed in Topsfield, Maine, in 1972, by Wayne Bean, about his life history, local history of Topsfield, woods work and river drives.

MF 042 Frederick Pratson Collection

Interviews  contributed by Frederick Pratson of a group of Nova Scotia fishermen, a Maine lumberjack, and a Micmac chief living on the Indian Island Reservation in New Brunswick.

MF 043 Northeast Harbor Library Collection

This collection includes copies of tape-recorded interviews about the history of Northeast Harbor, Maine, and are from the Northeast Harbor Library’s oral history collection.

MF 045 “One Year Later: The Closing of Penobscot Poultry and the Transition of a Veteran Employee” [1988-1989]

A traveling exhibit based on interviews with Linda J. Lord in which she talks about her 20 years at Penobscot Poultry, being unemployed after Penobscot closed, and her life.

MF 046 Eastport History Collection

This collection includes twenty-eight interviews with Eastport residents and other material about the history of Eastport, the sardine industry, and community holiday celebrations.

MF 047 “Penobscot Bay Fisheries and Industries Project”

Interviews conducted in 1973-1974 by David Taylor with fishermen from the Penobscot Bay region.

MF 048 “Penobscot Bay Islands” Interviews

Interviews with residents of the Penobscot Bay Islands about local history, economic aspects of island life, food, summer people, fishing, farming, boats, health care, and schools.

MF 049 “Penobscot River Commercial Fisheries Project” Interviews

Interviews with 8 fishermen (smelt, salmon, sturgeon, alewives, eels, and cod) done by David Taylor on the commercial fisheries of the Penobscot River in Maine.

MF 052 Remnants of Our Lives

Interviews on traditional women’s textile arts in Maine conducted for the “Remnants of Our Lives” exhibit at the Hudson Museum (University of Maine), displayed in 1992.

MF 053 Ricker College Student Folklore Papers

The collection consists of a series of student papers done in connection with a folklore class taught by Gifford Stevens at Ricker College in Houlton, Maine in 1971.

MF 055 Russell Carey / American Thread Company Interviews

A collection by Russell Carey with interviews with workers at the American Thread Company’s wooden spool mill in Milo, Maine.

MF 056 “Skinner Settlement” Project Interviews

A series of interviews about farm life in Maine at the turn of the 20th century, conducted by students in 1974, about life at the Skinner Settlement in East Corinth, Maine.

MF 057 David Smith: History of the University of Maine Project

A series of interviews conducted by Shirley Tardiff for UMaine history professor David C. Smith in 1971 about the history of the UMaine.

MF 058 “Suthin” Project

A series of interviews conducted for AY 125 at UMaine in 1976 about a pulpwood operation at Little Musquash Lake run by Grover Morrison.

MF 061 Gale Huntington / “Tom Tilton” Interviews

Tom Tilton interviewed by Gale Huntington in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts in 1979 about his life, coasting, fishing, and Martha’s Vineyard.

MF 062 Northeast Town History Papers Collection

A collection of 100 student papers done for classes at UMaine between 1976-1978.  Each paper treats a specific town or community’s history and lore concerning that place.

MF 063 UM-Augusta Communication Course Interviews

Interviews done for a UMaine at Augusta course in 1977 about a range of topics including Lucy Farnsworth, the lace business, quarry stone cutting, and the Christmas tree business.

MF 064 Veazie History and Architecture Project

Interviews about the local history, geography, and domestic architecture of Veazie, Maine. Many of these were the result of a course taught by Sandy Ives in 1977 and 1978.

MF 065 “Voices of American Homemakers” Oral History Project

The MFC is one of many repositories for this collection interviews with women from 36 states about the National Extension Homemakers Council and their roles as homemakers.

MF 067 “Wildfire Loose” Oral History Project

Interviews conducted by Joyce Butler in preparation for her book of the same title about the fires in Maine in October 1947.

MF 068 Women in Maine Project

Interviews conducted from 1974 -1980 by students for a course by Mary Ann Hartmen at UMaine about their opinions about the present and future roles of women in Maine.

MF 070 Laura Finkel Collection

Interviews recorded from 1996–1997 by Laura Finkel concerning the anti-war movement and protests at UMaine during the Vietnam War era and an interview with Sandy Ives.

MF 071 Pride of Maine Fair 1979

Music performances and narrative workshops recorded at the Pride of Maine Fair held at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, July, 1979.

MF 076 Maine / Maritimes Folklore Collection

Series of around 655 accessions consisting of undergraduate projects, papers, and recorded interviews conducted for folklore courses taught by Sandy Ives at UMaine, 1957-1975.

MF 077 Sister Saint Jude Poulin Folksong Collection

Sister Poulin, a Maine native, interviewed individuals about ballads they could remember in the 1950s and 1960s.

MF 079 Molly Spotted Elk Collection

Donated by Jean Moore and deals with Molly Spotted Elk (b. 1903), which was the stage name of a Penobscot Indian woman from Maine who worked in vaudeville.

MF 080 Nash Island Light Project Collection

Interviews by Anu Dudley done with Jenny Cirone about growing up on Nash Island, Maine, where her father was the lighthouse keeper.

MF 081 Lynn Franklin Collection

Interviews with Mainers on a wide range of topics relating to life and work in the state of Maine, conducted 1972-1983 by Lynn Franklin.

MF 084 Linda Gilbert Davenport Collection

Interviews conducted by Davenport for her master’s thesis on Penobscot Indian Music.

MF 085 Archie Stewart Collection

Interviews with Rob Golding, a renowned story teller, conducted by Archie Stewart.  Also inlcuded is a history of the Stewart family and video copies of Stewart family home movies.

MF 089 Marshall Dodge Collection

Rob Golding and Earl Bonness, Maine storytellers, tell humorous stories and anecdotes of Downeast Maine, recorded by Marshall Dodge at Perry, Maine, ca. 1965.

MF 094 Country Music Series

Interviews about country music in Maine recorded for a UMaine class by Sandy Ives in 1975 that  focus on Bangor, Maine in the 1930s, bands and performances, and music on the radio.

MF 095 Dowsing and Dowsers in Maine Collection

Interviews and supplemental material on dowsing or water witching, most conducted as part of a class by Sandy Ives at UMaine in 1984.

MF 097 Frank Spizuoco Dexter Town History Collection

Interviews conducted by Frank Spizuoco from 1963 to 1970 of two residents of Dexter, Maine: Albert “Bert” Call and Erma Bentley.

MF 101 1998 Ice Storm Oral History Project

Interviews with Maine residents about their experiences of the “Ice Storm of ‘98,” which caused statewide power failures in January, 1998.

MF 102 Miramichi Folksong Festival Collection

Interviews relating to the Miramichi Folksong Festival in Newcastle, New Brunswick and recordings of various years of the festival.

MF 104 Whitewater Raft Guides Project / Ian Cameron Collection

Interviews with whitewater rafting guides working on the West Branch of the Penobscot River conducted by Ian H. Cameron in 1986 as part of a class at UMaine.

MF 105 Margaret Martin / Liveaboard Sailors Interviews

Interviews with people who live aboard sailboats, mostly along the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, although one interview was done in Maine.

MF 115 Alexander-Crawford Historical Society Oral History Collection

Interviews with residents of the towns of Alexander and Crawford, Maine conducted by the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society about a wide range of topics.

MF 118 Roger Mitchell / Don Mitchell Collection

Don Mitchell interviewed by Roger Mitchell, his son, in 1976 about Mitchell senior’s life and work as a woodsman and farmer.

MF 119 “Us and Them” Summer Estates Collection

Collection by Pamela Dean about relations between the summer people who owned estates in Northeast Harbor and Blue Hill, Maine, and the native Mainers who worked for them.

MF 121 MOFGA Collection

Interviews with individuals associated with the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and the Common Ground Fair.

MF 122 Page Farm Museum History Project

Interviews on farming and rural life in Maine conducted for the Page Farm Museum at UMaine, 1996-99 and 2001, primarily by Mary Jo Sanger.

MF 123 Bonita Freeman Witthoft / Spiritualist Church Collection

Interviews and recordings conducted by Bonita Freeman Witthoft of various meetings and sessions of the Spiritualist Church in Maine and especially at Camp Etna.

MF 125 David Ingraham Collection

Collection by David Ingraham with interviews and other materials about writing songs in Maine.

MF 126 Florence Ireland Collection

Interviews by Florence Ireland on a range of topics including family history, farming, folksongs, woods work, International Workers of the World, and H.P. Clearwater Medicine.

MF 127 Labor Relations Project

Interviews by Charles O’Leary and Kevin Madigan on labor unions, right to work laws, strikes, featherbedding, union negotiations, State Labor Council, carpenters, and more.

MF 131 John Meader Collection

Interviews by John Meader with his grandfather, Dell Turner, and others about Turner. Begun as a class project in Sandy Ives’ Maine and the Maritimes Folklore class at UMaine.

MF 137 Joseph Ogando Collection

Interviews about country music in Maine and the Maritime Provinces on the early years of radio, stories in early country music, and country music in northern Maine.

MF 139 South Bristol Oral History Project

Interviews for an exhibit, “Down on the Island, Up on the Main: A Recollected History of South Bristol, Maine,” assembled by Ellen Vincent, as well as exhibit materials.

MF 149 Cliff Murphy / Country Music in New England Collection

Interviews by Clifford Murphy of New England country music musicians spanning the 1930s to the 2000s and multiple generations of musicians.

MF 152 Swordfishing Collection

Interviews about swordfishing in Nova Scotia on growing up in fishing families, techniques used in catching swordfish, and how to spot and track swordfish.

MF 153 David Slagger Collection

Interviews by David Slagger that concern the 1980 Indian Land Claims Settlement Act and exploring various perspectives on the legislation as well as its effects.

MF 154 Stinson Sardine Collection

Interviews with the employees of the Stinson Sardine plant, the last sardine canning plant in the state of Maine, in Prospect Harbor, Maine a couple of weeks before the plant closed.

MF 155 Eastern Fine Pulp and Paper Company

Collection consists of a series of interviews conducted between 2004 and 2006 as part of a project about the pulp and paper industry and resulted a thesis, a website, and two videos.

MF 156 Bangor Waterfront Revitalization Collection

Interviews conducted by Pauleena MacDougall in 2008 about the development of the Bangor waterfront.

MF 162 Immigrants and Identity (2005)

Interviews by the MFC with members of the local African, Hispanic, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European immigrant communities in preparation for the Folk Festival.

MF 163 Somalis in Lewiston, Maine

Interviews by Elizabeth Hoyt Hannibal and Dianne Schindler with five Somali women living in Lewiston, Maine in 2003 for a UMaine class.

MF 164 Maine Pack Basket Makers

Interviews conducted by Bill Mackowski in 2010 with basket makers in several communities involving Maine basket making techniques.

MF 165 ANT 326 and 431 Folklore, the Environment, and Public Policy Collection

This collection consists of 48 undergraduate student research papers prepared for Folklore, the Environment, and Public Policy by Pauleena MacDougall in 2010 and 2011 at UMaine.

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