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2008-2009 - April 1, 2009

Minutes Faculty Senate

Full Members Meeting

April 1, 2009

Wells Conference Center 3:15

Present: Daniel Belknap, Douglas Bousfield, Rodney Bushway, Joe Carr, Fei Chai, Steve Cohn, Ted Coladarci, Bob Dana, Catherine Elliott, Janet Fairman, James Fastook, Jacques Ferland, Amy Fried, Todd Gabe, Per Garder, Gail Garthwait, John Gregory, Michael Grillo, William Halteman, Sue Hunter, Blake James, Robert Kennedy, Kirsten Jacobson, Mel Johnson, Scott Johnson, Deborah Killam, Michael Kinnison (for A. Alyokhin, Chris Campbell), Irv Kornfield, Karl Kreutz, Judy Kuhns-Hastings, Larry Latour, Stuart Marrs, Craig Mason, James McClymer, David Morrison, Lisa Neuman, Tina Passman, Linda Reid, Robert Rice, Dylan Riley, Joyce Rumery, Evelyn Silver, Kathryn Slott, Touradj Solouki, Patrick Spinney, Claire Strickland, Shihfen Tu, James Warhola, Stephanie Welcomer, Mark Wells, Nate Wildes, Vivian Wu, Huiji Xue.

Absent: Sandy Berkowitz, Carla Billitteri, Thomas Brann, William Congleton, Raphael DiLuzio, Cynthia Erdley, Susan Erich, Sue Estler, Saundra Gardner, Duane Hanselman, Cary Jenson, Ngo Vinh Long, Harlan Onsrud, Howard Patterson, Justin Poland.

Meeting called to order, President-elect Judy Kuhns Hastings presiding, in President Dianne Hoff’s absence.

A moment of silence was held for Randy Alford.

Minutes approved, February 25th meeting.

New Business:

Motion to Support ADVANCE Grant brought forward by the Environment Committee – approved unanimously.

Motion to Accept the 15 Step Process brought forward by the Program Creation, Review & Reorganization Committee – carried unanimously.

Motion to change the reporting schedule for Incomplete grades and to establish a clear and simple reporting form brought forward by the Academic Affairs Committee – passed, 1 abstention.

The Extension of Incomplete Form will be worked on by the Academic Affairs Committee and brought back to the Senate in the May meeting.

Committee Reports:

BOT – Bob Rice – The next BOT meeting will be the second week of May. A lot of work has been done on the task force sub-groups. The As Is Analysis will look at funding over the last 40 years. The task force groups are also looking at programs that have low grad rates. Math was the lowest in 1998, it is now Parks & Recreation. Mr. Flannigan says that the missions of the campuses are critical and the groups will judge the mission against the current situation with each campus.

Academic Affairs – Dr. Dan Belknap – the committee will meet to discuss some Student Records concerns.

Constitution & By-Laws – Dr. Judy Kuhns Hastings – There are a few changes left to be made – the changes will be presented and discussed at the April 29 meeting.

Finance and Institutional Planning – Dr. Sue Estler & Dr. William Halteman – the committee meets regularly with Janet Waldron; updates are posted on her website.

Library Advisory Committee – Dr. Harlan Onsrud – no report

Service & Outreach Committee – Dr. Michael Grillo – no report

Committee on Committees – Dr.Shihfen Tu – 3 members are needed for the SPIA director search, Provost Susan Hunter will send a charge to the Senate; a volunteer has been found for the vacancy on SLOA & I.

PCRRC – Dr. James Warhola – under new business.

Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Governance – Dr. Dianne Hoff & Dr. Bob Rice – Official signing soon!

University Environment Committee – Dr. Stephanie Welcomer – the Child Study Center is in jeopardy of being closed. There is/will be a campus building efficiency analysis.

Gen Ed Ad Hoc Committee – Dr. Tina Passman – will meet in May.

Research & Scholarship – Dr. Touradj Solouki – There will be report at the end of the year – to stimulate research, there will be a group of successful, grantees to mentor proposal completion – there may be a small incentive.

Liaisons – to the Senate – Committees of the Administration – Irv Kornfield reported on the Infotech Advisory Council. There is a move to close the Computer Connection, based a very cursory visit by a consultant hired by the System, even though it is operating in the black. Please get any positive comments about the Computer Connection, including how it has supported research and scholarship, to Gail Garthwaite by Friday.

Meeting adjourned 5:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Tina Passman


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