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Senior Companion Program Volunteers - Volunteer Station Role Description


Senior Companion Program Volunteer Station and Coordinator


Volunteer Stations are located (and are needed) in areas where Senior Companion Volunteers serve. The program coordinators look for station locations that will support and host the Senior Companion Volunteers in that area.


As a volunteer station, you are an agency or organization that accepts the responsibility of assignment and supervision of Senior Companion Volunteers.


If you have a site and are interested in hosting and supporting Senior Companion Volunteers then we would love to hear from you!


Volunteer stations collaborate with the sponsor (UMaine Extension) in the implementation of the Senior Companion Program and contribute cost share to support program.

Time Commitment

Senior Companion Volunteers meet for a monthly training at the volunteer station and submit their paperwork to the host volunteer.


Volunteer sites are supported by UMaine Extension. Extension staff create and run the monthly meetings/trainings and coordinate the volunteers.


  • A connection to a great community program
  • Statewide recognition as a volunteer station and supporter of the Senior Companion Program
  • Training opportunities and support from UMaine Extension staff
  • Professional development and leadership opportunities


Anyone interested in serving on their local SCP Advisory Committee, or to find out more information about or volunteer opportunities, is encouraged to contact the Senior Companion Program state office or their UMaine Extension county office.

State Office:

Ann Swain, Director
(207) 581-3326 or
1-800-287- 0274 (toll free in Maine)

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