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Senior Companion Program Volunteers

Client's and Senior Companion's hands; photo by Edwin Remsberg,   USDA

Who We Are:

The Senior Companion Program (SCP) is a volunteer program for older Americans who are interested in helping homebound elders or isolated adults maximize, maintain or regain their independence. The program offers a unique opportunity to become involved with people and meet new friends, enhance your feelings of purpose,  and know that you are important in the lives of others.

What We Do:

As a volunteer of the Senior Companion Program, you will become a part of the great companionship, social network that we are today.

Through our different volunteer opportunities, we seek to  help homebound elders or isolated adults maximize, maintain, or regain their independence. The program offers a unique opportunity to become involved with people.

Where We Are Located:

The UMaine Extension Senior Companion Program currently serves 13 of Maine’s 16 counties. To contact a representative near you, please view a list of our county contacts.

Volunteer Experiences Can Include:

  • As a Senior Companion you will serve 15 or more hours per week visiting several homebound or isolated senior adults. You provide companionship: taking walks together, reading, letter writing, reminiscing, and just being a friend. Senior Companions may share information about healthful living and activities of daily life or go shopping together. One of your most important roles is to combat loneliness and isolation, which threaten the independence and health of seniors. Senior Companions may also provide respite services for family caregivers.
  • As an advisory committee member you will serve on the “board” of the Senior Companion Program. Members attend monthly meetings with Extension staff, provide guidance and  direction on the program, and plan fund-raising and outreach events. Leadership positions are available.
  • As a volunteer station you are an agency or organization that accepts the responsibilities of assignment and supervision of Senior Companions. Volunteer stations collaborate with the sponsor in the implementation of the Senior Companion Program and contribute cost share to support program.

Whatever way you may choose to get involved will help strengthen our community outreach and service. Please click on the volunteer role description that interests you to find out more.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

If you know of someone who can benefit from the Senior Companion, find out more information at Senior Companion Program Clients.

How to Apply:

For information on how to get involved with the Senior Companion Program as a Senior Companion, Volunteer Host Site, or a Client, contact the

State Office at:

(207) 581-3870
1-800-287-0274 (toll free in Maine)

Or contact the staff member in your county.