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Maine Shore Steward Volunteers - Stream Team Program Role Description


Stream Team Program Volunteers



Support and training is provided in Portland, Maine. Volunteer work can be done state-wide.



The Maine Stream Team Program (MSTP) is a network of people concerned about Maine’s streams and also serves as a clearinghouse of information intended to support stream protection activities. A “stream team” is a group of people who have banded together to promote stewardship of their local stream.



Membership is free to any interested citizen, family or organization.



Stream teams range from a small group of concerned landowners, to school groups, to established river organizations. You establish the course of events and volunteer activities to protect your stream. Examples of stewardship projects include: learning about streams, performing stream habitat surveys, doing stream “clean-ups,” planting stream-side trees and monitoring water quality.


Once you have a “team” and a stream, you are set. Visit¬† to learn more about the volunteer process and your responsibilities.


Time Commitment

Stream team volunteers make their own commitment to their chosen project. It is your responsibility to set goals and follow through on them.  



Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) will help you with ideas, advice, and informational packets, but only your team has the power to get things done.



Professional training, environmental impact, connection to and support from MDEP and UMaine marine geologists.



Jeff Varricchione (Program Coordinator)
Maine Stream Team Program
Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection
312 Canco Road
Portland ME 04103

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