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Maine Shore Steward Volunteers

Woman and child on a beach; photo by Edwin Remsberg, USDA

Engaging Maine Citizens in Science

Who We Are:

Maine Shore Stewards are citizen volunteers who care for the coast of Maine. Their efforts contribute important data and information to Maine’s decision-makers to help solve pollution problems, restore clam flats, and encourage an ethic of caring for the coast in Maine communities. The Maine Shore Stewards Program provides ongoing technical assistance and organizational support to Maine’s network of volunteers as well as information on coastal resource monitoring and protection.

What We Do:

  • TrainingWater quality sampling technique, laboratory analysis, phytoplankton sampling, data analysis and management assistance, follow-up training for quality assurance, and quality control.
  • Community supportNew monitoring group start up assistance, monitoring program design, educational programming.
  • GrantsThe Shore Stewards Program offers grants through the Maine Coastal Program for equipment, public education, and other projects.
  • EducationPresentations, workshops, and conferences.
  • InformationEducational resource material, protocols, manuals, and educational videos.

Where We Are Located:

We have volunteer activities available all along the coast of Maine and its outlying islands.

Volunteer Experiences Include:

Please choose a volunteer activity below to view the volunteer role description and find out more about it!

How to Apply:

View the above role description of the volunteer activity you are interested in for specific program contact information.