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Grants Connector

Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Renewable Energy Project Grants, Incentives and Other Funding Projects from the Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security

The “Grants Connector” program provides information support for businesses, non-profits, government entities, and other interested parties to pursue federal, state and private energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy project grants and financial incentives. The purpose of this project is to track federal, state and local energy funding programs and incentives, their guidelines and all applicable deadlines.

The Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security (OEIS) seeks to provide a dynamic, updated list of state, federal and private funding programs for energy projects like:

  • Increased energy efficiency or enhanced conservation of energy for electric, heating and cooling systems;
  • Increased energy efficiency, enhanced conservation and weatherization in building or facility envelope, appliances, lighting, industrial equipment, systems and other components;
  • Increased use of renewable, indigenous energy sources like biomass, biofuels, on-and off-shore wind, solar, tidal power and geothermal energy.
  • Installation or expansion of combined cooling, heat and power systems and waste-heat recovery systems.
  • Switch to natural gas from oil as a low-carbon, transitional fuel.

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