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Welcome to Explorations Program

Since 1989, nearly 4,500 students have begun their studies at the University of Maine in Explorations. In the early years, there had only been approximately 100 new students enrolled in the program annually. Most recently, tremendous interest has resulted in nearly 250 students enter during the academic year.

Through a special first-year seminar and close contact with advisors, students in Explorations engage in structured activities that enable them to make informed choices for a major or potential career. By the end of the first year, students generally feel more confident in identifying an academic program, which suits their abilities and intellectual or career interests. At the time of declaration of major or transfer to a college, students must meet the eligibility requirements (e.g., GPA) of the particular major or college of interest.

Students are assigned an advisor and placed into an FYE100 first-year seminar course as Undecided or Undecided Honors.