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Our Mentors - Meet Brendan McGuirl

Brendan Surveying 2009

Brendan Surveying in Dulce Vivir, 2009

Brendan McGuirl first joined EWB-UMaine in the spring of 2008 as a student member. He completed his degree in Construction Management Technology in December of 2010 but, happily, has continued to work with the group as a mentor.

Brendan has travelled to Dulce Vivir three times and brings continuity and a wealth of experience to the project. He has worked for 15 years doing site work and building construction, and is currently a project manager with Nickerson & O’Day. His resourcefulness has saved the day more than once in Honduras when things didn’t go quite as planned!

Brendan initially got involved just to do something different, but when he met the people he felt connected and wanted to help. He says: “It’s a good country. People don’t have much, but they scramble, and work hard, and come up with creative ways of getting through life.” As a mentor, he also helps students gain a better understanding of the many skills they will need to be effective engineers.

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