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Sexual Violence

All students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the public participating in university activities have the right to an environment free from sexual or physical intimidation that would prevent a reasonable person from attaining educational goals or living and working in a safe environment.

All university employees have a responsibility to forward information about allegations of sexual violence to appropriate campus officials.  When allegations like these arise, the university expects all its employees and volunteers to report what they have witnessed or heard to designated university officials.

Further, while everyone in the university community should report this information, some individuals on campus, because of their positions, have a heightened obligation to report.  For instance, administrators, faculty, supervisors, police, student affairs staff, and athletic coaches and staff are required to report allegations of sexual violence.

Of course, if a crime is in progress or the situation presents an immediate danger to the university community, dial 911 to reach the University of Maine Police Department.  Otherwise:

  • Report information about alleged sexual violence by students to Student Affairs (Elizabeth Lavoie, Deputy Title IX Coordinator) at 581.1406
  • Report information about alleged sexual violence by employees to Equal Opportunity (Karen Kemble, Title IX Coordinator) at 581.1226

For more information regarding the university’s efforts on education, prevention, and response to issues of sexual violence, please go to the Office of Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention website.