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Undergraduate Programs - Degree Overview

  • The Horticultural Business concentration allows further preparation for entrepreneurial career avenues within the field of horticulture. Students enrolled in this concentration have an opportunity to receive a minor in Business Administration and may elect to continue an extra year to complete a Master’s in Business Administration.
  • The Landscape Design concentration differs from horticulture programs in other states because this concentration combines design skills and plant science knowledge into one curriculum.
  • The Sustainable Horticulture concentration provides an opportunity for further exploration in areas of plant physiology, nutrition, taxonomy and propagation.
  • The Turfgrass Management concentration allows further preparation for a turf-related career within the field of horticulture.  Students enrolled in this concentration will receive a well-rounded background in turf and ultimately two degrees; a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture with a concentration in Turfgrass Management (UMaine) and an A.S. in Turfgrass Management (UMass).

Flower budsThe Environmental Horticulture Program provides a background that will allow students to pursue graduate programs in landscape architecture, horticulture, Master of Business Administration or other related fields.

A Minor in Environmental Horticulture allows non-majors the opportunity to explore and develop a basic foundation in plant and horticulture sciences with options in areas such as, ornamental plants, turfgrass, design, and/or plant production.

The Certificate in Environmental Horticulture Studies program at the University of Maine offers students the opportunity to pursue the study of environmental horticulture through a series of Core courses (Plant Materials). In addition to the Core, there are two focus options that allow students to specialize in an area of their choice by choosing Plant Production and/or Garden Design.

The market potential for the certificate program is mainly the non-traditional student who is looking for opportunities that would allow them to take specific courses in an area of horticulture.  This certificate program is based on the premise that potential students will only take one course per semester.  Therefore, the Core can be finished in five sequential semesters.  The Core program will begin in the Fall semester with PSE100; Plant Science.

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