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Minor in Ecology & Environmental Sciences

The minor in Ecology and Environmental Sciences is designed to expose students to the basic issues in the physical, biological, and social sciences associated with understanding natural resource and environmental issues in the modern world. The minor will be awarded to students who complete the required credit hours, as outlined below.

Course # Title Credits
EES 100 Human Population & the Global Environment 3
EES 489 Critical Issues in Ecology & Environmental Sciences 3
Choose one from each of the following groups
Earth Sciences
PSE 140 Soil Science 3
ERS 101 Introduction to Geology 4
WLE 200 Ecology 3
BIO 319 General Ecology 3
Field Ecology
BIO 205 Field Natural History of Maine 4
ECO 377 Natural Resource Economics and Policy 3
EES 324 Environmental Protection Law and Policy 3
ECO 381 Sustainable Development Principles 3
WLE 323 Introduction to Conservation Biology 3
Total Credit Hours 19 or 20