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Meet Our Students - Sabrina Vivian

Sabrina Knifes EdgeWhy did you choose UMaine and the EES program?
When applying for colleges, I looked into several other Universities but I chose UMaine because of its location and affordability. At that time being an EES student hadn’t exactly crossed my mind. Like a lot of people I switched my degree a couple of times but I have fallen in love with this one. I chose to finally declare a major in the EES program because its focus lies close to my heart. I grew up in Downeast Maine with so many different environments at my fingertips. I decided I wanted to make a living based of off learning  and working with things I love. I am also very interested in connecting the realm of physical and social environmental sciences. The options within the EES program allow me to prepare for a career I can be both passionate about and intrigued by.

What has been your favorite class so far?
My favorite class so far has been ECO 405: Sustainable Energy Economics & Policy with Sharon Klein. We looked at all kinds of energy opens, their implementation, and at the end of the semester we made a pretend commercial in support of a renewable energy of our choice. I knew I had always been interested in renewable energy but the class really solidified my interests in it.

Best Hands-On Experience?
I have not had many hands-on experiences yet but I am currently taking PSE 413: Wetland Delineation and Mapping that involves a lot of outdoor activity. The class goes to a wetland after every lecture to learn a variety of things, like how to classify a wetland or the common soils and plants you might find in them. At first I was a little turned off by the fact that the class was scheduled only on Fridays for a fairly long time but it has turned out to be so much fun that it doesn’t even matter!

What do you do when you aren’t studying or attending classes?
I love all sorts of outdoor activities. I especially like to hike, kayak, and downhill ski. I exercise a lot either in the gym or outdoors and play intramural ultimate frisbee. I also try to get involved with student organizations, such as the Green Team and Circle K International.

Any words of wisdom for incoming students?
I would tell incoming students to follow your heart. That sounds a little corny but I know from experience that if you make decisions that make you happy, you won’t regret them. I have ended up exactly where I want to be by following my instincts. It wasn’t the smoothest path but I couldn’t be happier. College is all about you, so make sure you do what makes you happy!

Any advise for prospective EES students?
The EES program provides a lot of diverse opportunities. Students have plenty of wiggle room to explore. I would advise prospective EES students to not be afraid of taking courses out of their comfort zone. You never know what may end up being of interest to you.

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