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Alumni - Nicholas Bonzey

Nick Bonzey, Class of 2006, collecting samples on Prince of Wales Island, AK.

Nick Bonzey graduated from the University of Maine in 2006 and received a BS in Ecology and Environmental Science with a concentration in Land Use Planning and a minor in Soil Science.

In his time since graduating, Nick has worked for a wide variety of agencies and firms utilizing his degree. He spent 3 years working for the US Forest Service in Alaska at a forestry research station as a soil science field and lab technician, for Oregon State University as a hydrology field technician, and several consulting firms on work ranging from Oregon to Michigan to Maine.

In 2009, Nick entered in a graduate program at Virginia Tech to work on his MS in Forest Soils, which he is completing in 2012. He was accepted at six schools, which allowed him to choose a fully funded position at a world-class institution. His research was on the effects of soil properties on the growth of a plantation of cloned pine trees in southern Virginia.

Nick credits the quality education he received in the EES program as part of his success. “The University of Maine is known to produce quality EES graduates, which has opened doors for me professionally and as a prospective masters student. The skills and knowledge that I received at UMaine allowed me to step into a wide range of positions with the confidence needed to excel, especially in a challenging job market.”

Nick is now working as a biologist for HDR Engineering in Sacramento, CA.  “After receiving such a fantastic interdisciplinary undergraduate education, I have the ability to step into a wide variety of projects within the company. This is an asset that not every new employee can bring to the table.”


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