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Alumni - Julia McGuire

Julia McGuire graduated from the University of Maine in 2006 with a B.S. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and a concentration in Resource and Environmental Policy. In addition to an EES degree, she also received a minor in Spanish.

Since leaving the University of Maine, Julia has had a wide range of both employment and experience, all of which she feels UMaine fully prepared her for. Upon graduating, she began consulting with Abt Associates Inc. in Cambridge, MA. She credits
the EES program for providing her with the analytical skills necessary for such a job. During this time, Julia also began working on the Climate Change and Energy Use Commission in Somerville, MA. She stated that “The REP concentration [at UMaine]
provided me with the policy background needed for [the job]”.

In 2008, Julia had a change of scenery when she moved to Mexico, where she combined her EES knowledge with her Spanish language skills to focus on environmental education. She worked with El Charco del Ingenio, a local botanic garden, as well as
PEASMA, an organization that provides science education to public and private elementary schools.

After returning to the states in the spring of ’09, Julia began working as a biologist for Maine Audubon. “Natural science requirements and classes such as the Natural History of Maine were excellent preparation”, a quote from Julia in relation to her recent work as a biologist. After her work as a seasonal biologist, Julia set out to find a job where she could use both her newly acquired Spanish technical language and her environmental experience. She found work with a non profit tenant rights organization in Los Angeles as a environmental health educator focusing on healthy homes and lead safe education.

Julia is excited to be back at the University of Maine as a doctoral student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences working with the School of Economics and the Sustainability Solutions Initiative. In addition to Socio-Ecological Systems research with her advisor, Tim Waring, and teaching EES 100, Julia is interested in studying food systems for her own dissertation research.

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