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Meet Our Students - Joshua Stoll

Josh StollWhat year and semester did you begin EES graduate studies?
Fall 2013

What degree are you pursuing?

Who is your academic advisor/s?
Jim Wilson

What prior degrees do you have?
Bachelor of Arts from Bates College
Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University

Why did you choose to attend grad school at UMaine? Why did you choose EES?
To make connections in Maine; to work on fisheries issues in New England; and to learn from folks in EES/SMS.

 Briefly describe the research project you are working on.
I am broadly interested in fisheries governance within the context of climate change, alternative economies, ecosystem-based management, and community development. Pivoting off the work of J. Wilson and others, my research will explore the linkages between small-scale ecosystems and community-based fisheries management in theory and practice.

What have been your favorite classes at UMaine so far? If you are new to UMaine, which classes are you most looking forward to taking?

What has been your most rewarding research experience and why? If you are new to UMaine, what are your research goals?
Working with small-scale commercial fishermen in North Carolina to develop alternative markets for local product (link).   

What advice do you have for prospective graduate students?
Ask me in a year.

Are you interested in mentoring undergraduates?
Of course.  




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